Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

 The Hubble and I were talking this morning about the "options" we have for our next duty station.

See...we have this interesting position that makes all the little lists that have been emailed out obsolete for us. About a week ago the class was emailed a list of follow on assignment options. These options were pretty sweet deals if you ask me. There was Colorado, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, I think there was even a couple Germany and North Carolina options in the mix. Well, the problem we face is that these are all command queue positions. The Hubble just came off of a 36 month command with 12 months Rear-D prior to that. So...none of these spiffy options apply to us.

However, there's a program The Hubble wants to get involved in that we have heard some places where we could "home base" from. These places include Florida, Virginia, and Belgium! I would be all over that Belgium idea. We've actually been talking about and researching Belgium. The bad news is that we can talk and we can dream but we really have no idea yet what our options will be. Then, even if we know the options, we don't know what we will actually get.

Furthermore, we don't know if we will be here until October or March. There are so many possibilities right now. On one hand I feel like the whole world is open to us. On the other hand, I feel as though we are so limited and we have no control over our lives.

This not knowing and always waiting can be extremely frustrating...

Do you enjoy knowing where the road is going to take you?

Or do you prefer to have complete control over your life and the direction it's going?

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