Friday, June 4, 2010

Prevention Dance it Off DVD Review

As we know, I've lost quite a bit of weight recently. I often have people ask me what DVDs, exercises, and or books I have used to lose this weight. So I am going to do a series of reviews of some of my favorite DVDs.

Today, let's talk about my ultimate favorite DVD. The one I always reach for when I want something fun and motivating. Prevention Dance it Off .

This DVD, like it says, is a dance DVD. It starts off with a bit of a warm up. They teach you a few steps and moves.

After the warm up are four different dance styles. You have hip hop, latin, jazz, and ballet. These are all followed by a cool down.

You can choose to do routines in a continuous order for a workout that is about 50 minutes long, or you can choose to do just one style.

Each dance routine is about 10 minutes long and the warm up and cool down are each 5 minutes.

The routines do take some time to get to know. I think it took me about 3 to 5 times with each routine to really figure it out. I would suggest doing one routine until you figure out the steps before moving on to the next one.

However, once you have the routines down, this DVD is so fun and enjoyable (if you like to dance anyway). The moves are challenging and I work up a pretty good sweat when I do the entire DVD. The ladies dancing on the DVD are fun and upbeat and they present a range of body types.

This is by far my favorite DVD, but I did have to learn it first. It's not one of those you can pick up and expect to start sweating to right away.

What is your favorite type of exercise? Do you have any favorite DVDs?
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