Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spouse Coffee with a Twist

 The other night I went to my first spouse coffee here in FLW. I had never met these women before and it was incredibly intimidating to walk  into a room full of women I didn't know. But, I decided I would go anyway. How else will I get to know them? How else will I meet people and possibly make friends?

Well, the weekend before I went to one of The Hubble's classmate's son's birthday party. Haha! Say that 10 times fast! Anyway...at this party I met the wife of the classmate (Miss L) and another classmate's wife (Miss J) who went to the party. The three of us got to talking and they both admitted they were not planning on attending the coffee.

You see, in a training or "school" environment when everyone is moving in and out so quickly, it's difficult to set up and maintain these functions. However, I've found in the past that they can be super fun.

So...by the end of the party, I had both of these women convinced to attend the coffee! Woohoo!

The next few days (after I stepped back and thought and OVER analyzed the situation, because that's what I do) I started to believe that maybe I'm a pusher. These ladies had no intention of attending the spouse coffee, but give them 10 minutes with me and they had promised to go. And they showed up too!

I took The Pioneer Woman's Sundried Tomato Pasta Salad. I put on my cutest hot pink pumps.

And I went to the coffee. There were way more women there than I had anticipated. I thought there would be maybe a handful but ended up being about 20!

We ate, we talked, we received new information about the town. We did not however, actually drink coffee, much to my dismay. There was no coffee to be had! Mind boggling! Soon our phones started blowing up.  Many of the husbands were texting to ask how we were and if we were all right. We wondered why until we opened the big steel door of the BN classroom we were in and became aware of the intense storm that had started. There was insane rain pour, electric type lightning, cracking thunder, large balls of hail, and to top it off...tornado sirens. We were completely oblivious!

We ended up waiting for a small break in the storm (for the hail and tornado sirens to stop) then I kicked off my heels and ran, barefooted, in my cute outfit, to the car. And even though I was only a few feet from the door, I was drenched by the time I got there.

I could barely see out the windshield through the rain with the wipers on high. The Hubble had been on the phone to guide me in and I had NO IDEA where I was. I called him and asked him to help me. He told me to go the way I came. Hahaha! Men! I told him it was dark and raining like crazy and I was confused. He helped me get home.

I came home and it was not raining here but there was an electrical storm going on and we had no power. The Hubble said the power had been off for about an hour or so. It stayed off for another hour or so past me getting home. Little Butt and The Hubble were having fun with it though. They had chairs lined up next to a window so they could watch the storm.

Eventually the power turned back on. The food in the freezer was still frozen, but I didn't trust the fish that had been in the fridge.

Even though my first spouse coffee here was pretty insane. I'm still really glad I went. Hopefully the connections I made there will only get stronger in the future.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Has weather ever impacted an event or a function of yours? How?

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