Thursday, July 28, 2011

As Promised...Song of the Week!

As I promised! Here is my Little Butt dance inspired song of the week!!

Now it's your turn! Run over to Goodnight Moon to link up your song of the week!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Dance

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

Let's dance.

Okay, okay. You know the song (I hope) so I don't have to keep going.

Hmmm...I haven't played along with the song link up lately...maybe tomorrow's song has just been chosen. ;-)


Ever since Little Butt could stand, she has been shaking her money maker.

The girl loves to move. She loves to dance.

She would watch Dancing with the Stars with me (even at 2 years old) and try to copy the moves the dancers are doing. You should have seen her on wobbly feet trying to do the jive! Too cute!!

Recently, she told me she wanted to be a ballerina.

I figured that since she finally asked, I would find a way to get her in dance.

I found a great place that is about 3 miles down the road from us. What's even more awesome is that they were having a summer special! For $100 I was able to sign Little Butt up for the All-Access Pass. Basically, however many classes in her age range she wants to take, she can!

For the last few weeks, she has been going to Cheer/Tumble and Ballet/Tap/Jazz.

Now, these summer courses are not too incredibly focused. Especially since there are so many kids in each class. The instructors tell me that the class attendance is usually half of what it is right now.

Oh well. I figured we would try it out, see what Little Butt likes and go from there.

Well...Little Butt has some focus issues.

I don't know if it's because she's four, or because she's often in her own little world.

Let's first talk about Cheer/Tumble.

First off, here's the rad outfit she picked out. Yes...those are multi-colored leopard print shorts. That's my girl!

The first class Little Butt had a lot of trouble paying attention. She kept losing her place in line. She wouldn't stay where she was supposed to. She was making noise. She was just generally being a bother to the other students.

When the other girls were trying to learn the cheer...she just stood there.

Then she decided she had no idea what they were doing so she did her own thing!

I ended up getting so frustrated with her because she started screaming and singing and being a nuisance to the other students that I took her out of class 10 minutes early.

I screamed and yelled at her the whole 3 miles home then I put her to bed. I was so angry!

She laid in her bed and cried and threw a fit. I walked into the living room, sat down and proceeded to have a meltdown of my own.

I don't think I've ever cried so hard in my life!

I was sobbing. I was a mess. I couldn't breathe. I knew I had to calm down.

I tried calling The Hubble but I couldn't speak without sobbing in his ear so I hung up on him.

He called back and talked me down "off the ledge."

I have no idea what came over me.

I think it must have been a combination of a lot of things. The whole WAY pregnant thing doesn't help. The Hubble is gone. Little Butt has been acting up and testing limits lately...when she's not crying for her Daddy.

I think it all just needed to come out! I especially think that since I felt much better the next day.

I actually found this on pinterest later that day (or the next day, I can't remember) and it spoke volumes to me:

Since that day, we've had a lot of talks about how she should behave in class. 

The classes have been much better, not perfect, but better.

In Ballet/Tap/Jazz, the first half hour is spent doing ballet. I peek in at her from time to time and see her doing so well on the bar. 

It's so cute to watch her!

But the last half hour, when they put on their tap's like she can't control herself!

She gets those shoes on and there is no way she can stay still and learn the routine!

When I peeked in on one of the classes, she was standing in her spot in front of the mirror, yes. But while all the other little girls were watching the teacher, Little Butt was tapping and spinning away...oblivious that there was anyone else in the room.

This last class, I looked in and saw all the little girls in a circle, twirling around with pretty little ribbons in their hands. But where was Little Butt??

Across the room. Stomping and roaring and being a T-Rex. Yup.

Then she walked out of class. She decided she was done. It was 15 minutes until the end of class. 

I didn't know what to do so we changed her shoes and left.

So now I'm confused as to what to do.

I know I'm going to have her finish out the summer session. 

She's usually really excited about going when we are getting ready.

But when she walks out of class early, do I let her leave? Or do I try to teach her now not to give up on things so easily? Do I force her to stay in class and finish it out?

Then, do I sign her up for the fall session?

I don't want her to grow up and blame me for not pushing or encouraging her to do things.

Sometimes, I wish my parents would have encouraged or pushed me to continue...or try. 

The Hubble thinks maybe she's just too rambunctious for dance. He thinks we should try soccer (he was inspired by watching the women's soccer game against Japan). 

I have no idea what to do with this kid. LOL!!

Any advice from moms, aunts, teachers, dads....anyone???? Bueller??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Hearts and Sunshine

I don't know how things like this happen....


Amanda over at Combat Boots & Diamond Rings has bestowed this lovely award upon me.

I'm not really sure how since I've been a complete slacker lately!

And when I do post, it's usually me whining or complaining about being fat or uncomfortable or something.

But hey...who am I to complain?? Oh wait! That's what I do lately!!

So let me just say....

Thank you Amanda!!! You rule! And this brings a bit of sunshine into my life as well. And we all know we need it right??

Well...maybe not since I now live in central Texas and it's sunny All. The. Time!

I do realize I've been absent a lot lately. And I do hate it.

It seems that I only have so much energy lately and it's been being used up for swim and dance lessons for Little Butt lately.

What was I thinking putting her in both types of classes during my last month of pregnancy??

I don't know...temporary insanity maybe??

Anyway. I have wanted to post for a while now so let me at least update you on the cardiology thing.

My cardiology appointment was last Wednesday.

The night before, I looked up the directions and found out it was off the street that the IHOP I went to recently was on. So I figured I knew around about where it was.

No big deal right??

I left the house about 30 minutes early for a 15 minute drive. I like to be early to the first appointment.

Well, I drove all over the street in and around the IHOP and I could not find this place for the life of me!

I ended up finally calling the place and telling them I had an appointment but couldn't find them.

They tried to give me directions but I've only lived here for 3 months so it all sounded Greek to me.

So I called my older sister for tech support.

She looked everything up for me and tried to guide me in.

The crappy thing about Austin is that every street has 2-3 names. It's frustrating.

When on the phone with my sis, I realized that the main street I was on was ALSO the same street that I was looking for. I also found out that I was on the East side of the street and I needed the West side.

So...I finally made it....late. But whatever. I made it...and only slightly on the verge of tears.

I go upstairs, check in and get my paperwork.

I had to pee something fierce but figured I could do that after I finished the paperwork.


They called me before I was finished filling everything out.

I got weighed (YIKES!) and told the girl I had to go and she waited for me to go empty my poor aching bladder.

Then we went into a room and I laid down on the table. The nurse proceeded to place a bunch of tape all over my chest, arms, belly and ankles. Then she attached all the cords. I found out later this was an EKG. Who knew???

As she was hooking me up, we were talking. I ended up mentioning how The Hubble was off playing with the Army and the tears I had been holding in since driving up and down the wrong side of the street finally came out.

I felt kind of foolish...but what could I do??

I pulled myself together and we finished up.

I then moved into another room to wait for the doctor.

Now, let me just tell you people, I feel as though I'm living on the set of Grey's Anatomy the Austin Edition or something.

All of my doctors have been gorgeous! My OB is this cute little thing who was nothing but belly. She had her baby last month so I've been seeing her partner who is absolutely gorgeous as well. They are both stunning women.

I thought it was just that practice...but no!

I go to see this cardiologist and he walks in and he was hot! He had a shaved head, cafe au lait colored skin and beautiful green eyes!

Not only are all the doctors I've been seeing hot, but they are also young. How did I get so lucky???

Anyway. He looked at my numbers and we did some talking.

Apparently anemia (low iron) helps contribute to a higher heart rate. As does pregnancy in general.

He didn't seem TOO amazingly concerned about my numbers.

My heart rate and blood pressure were great that day and I guess the EKG came out okay.

He did want me to buy a blood pressure cuff, take my blood pressure and heart rate every day for three weeks, then go back to see him.

However, he did tell me I was not allowed to have any coffee until Baby N comes.

Small sacrifice right??? At least...that's what I keep telling myself!

So that's it so far. I'm being a good girl and taking my blood pressure daily (or when I remember) and I'm staying away from coffee (though that's a struggle).

But at least Baby N and I are doing okay.

Okay. That's all for today. Hopefully I'll post again before another week or 2 goes by.

Monday, July 11, 2011

34 Weeks and Counting: A Baby Update

I realize that I've barely talked about this whole "being pregnant" thing.

I honestly can't believe how fast this has been going.

I feel like, when I was pregnant with Little Butt, it took forever. I couldn't get her out fast enough.

But this time, time is just flying by.

Don't get me wrong. By no means do I want time to slow down. Actually, I've been pretty uncomfortable lately so I'd love it if time would hurry up and fly by! I'm ready to have this baby now!

Okay. Are you ready for the obligatory preggo photo?? It's a doozy. I'm super HUGE!

Here it is: Me at 34 weeks.

It kind of looks like the picture is blurry but there is a shadow against the door.

See??? I told you I was big! And I still have 6 more weeks to go! How??? I don't know!

I have feet up in my ribs pretty much constantly. Which then carries around and leaves my back in pain. He loves to knead my bladder. And my right side has begun to have sharp pains.

Not only that but when I took my glucose test for Gestational Diabetes, that came back negative. However, the doctor did find out at that point that I was pretty anemic. So I had to start taking prescription Iron supplements. No big deal right?? I can handle that.

Now there's another issue.

The last 3 appointments I've had, they have had to take my blood pressure twice. Each time it was too high at first so they would have me sit in a chair for a bit then they would come take it again. It got better each time. Not always great, but better. So they talked about watching my blood pressure.

However, I went to the doctor on Tuesday and now my heart rate is an issue.

Apparently, the heart rate goes up during pregnancy as it is. The highest they want it to go is 100 beats per minute. On Tuesday, mine was at 115bpm. So they had me come back at the end of the week. I went back on Friday and they had me sit in a quiet room for about 10-15 minutes. I focused on relaxing and breathing. When they took it again, it was 101bpm.

Still higher than they want it.

Now I have to go in for a cardiology consult to see if everything is okay with me.

Apparently, the baby's heart rate is perfect. He's doing well, he's just challenging my body.

And to top it all off! I realized last night that my feet and ankles are swollen!

I've been wearing flip flops since we arrived here in Texas so I haven't tried to shove my porker feet into real shoes. I had no idea.

Anyway. There's my update. Not much else to report. I'm large. Uncomfortable. Hot. And I drink milk like it's going out of style. I have to buy 3 gallons at the store just to last me (by myself) a week. Otherwise, I'd be going to the store every other day just for milk.

So there you have it! Wish me luck in these last 6 weeks and with my cardiology appointment!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frustrated, Incorporated

I'm going to warn you right now. You should not keep reading this post if you don't want to hear/read me complaining.

So enter at your own risk.

I usually pride myself on being an understanding wife.

When Little Butt was a couple weeks old, I had no problem with The Hubble taking off for a concert a couple hours away.

I have held down the fort for many a boy's night and I rarely get to have any time to myself.

I'm not a jealous wife. I laugh about the fact that The Hubble meets up with females whom he used to go to school with. Yes, I tease him about going out on a "date" but it's all in good fun.

I have no problem when I hear that he goes out with a group of girls. Or goes out drinking with the guys.

As you know, The Hubble is away from us right now. He's in a training program where we will only see him for a week before he deploys at the end of this year.

Now, I know it was my choice to be in Texas instead of being with him for these several months that he's in Tampa. I figured, why be stuck in Tampa alone with Little Butt and a new baby when he deploys??

Usually, I'm okay with our situation. This is what we chose right??

And like I said, I have heard all the stories of him going out. I listen to the detailed description of clubs that he goes to. The people he hangs out with.

But mornings like today just...oh my goodness. The only thing I can think to say is that mornings like today really eat my nuts.

Mornings when Little Butt wakes up from a bad dream calling for her Daddy. She cries and tells me that she wants to give him a hug and a kiss. I tell her there's nothing he wants more than to be with her and that we can call him.

So we do...

We call him.

And guess what!

He's hung over.

He can barely talk or function because he had a night of drinking last night and he has to "get the wheels going."

Then he tells me he'll call me later tonight.

Oh really?? You are going to be able to call me while you're out bar hopping???

Yes, he says. He'll call before that.

Yay! He will spare a moment for me before he goes out. How kind.

Like I said, normally, I don't care. He's a big boy and he'll figure it out.

I know how lonely and depressing it is to go back to an empty apartment and all you want to do is find something to do. So you drink away the weekends hoping they will race by in a blur.

That was me during The Hubble's first deployment. There was rarely a moment when I was home. If I wasn't at work or stopping to watch a mind numbing movie, I was on the run with friends. He was in a war zone and I was living it up.

But today is hard for me. Today is hard for Little Butt. Which makes it hard for me as her mommy.

Do I sit there and cry with her or try to get her to be strong??

All I know for sure is that I needed to rant.

I love The Hubble. He's a great father. And I know he would give anything to be here with his baby girl. But he can't.

And let's remember folks...I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Crazy. Hormonal. And tired. Blah!

Thanks for "listening."

End of rant.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review: The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

Title: The Tenth Circle

Author: Jodi Picoult

Publication Date: January 2000

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Pages: 416

ISBN: 9780743496711

This review is my opinion and I have not been compensated for it in any way. (Though I did receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy when I worked for Barnes & Noble)

Goodreads Synopsis:

Bestselling author Jodi Picoult's The Tenth Circle is a metaphorical journey through Dante's Inferno, told through the eyes of a small Maine family whose hidden demons haunt every aspect of their seemingly peaceful existence. Woven throughout the novel are a series of dramatic illustrations that pay homage to the family's patriarch (comic book artist Daniel Stone), and add a unique twist to this gripping, yet somewhat rhetorical tale.

Trixie Stone is an imaginative, perceptive 14 year old whose life begins to unravel when Jason Underhill, Bethel High's star hockey player, breaks up with her, leaving a void that can only be filled by the blood spilled during shameful self-mutilations in the girls' bathroom. While Trixie's dad Daniel notices his daughter's recent change in demeanor, he turns a blind eye, just as he does to the obvious affair his wife Laura, a college professor, is barely trying to conceal. When Trixie gets raped at a friend's party, Daniel and Laura are forced to deal not only with the consequences of their daughter's physical and emotional trauma, but with their own transgressions as well. For Daniel, that means reflecting on a childhood spent as the only white kid in a native Alaskan village, where isolation and loneliness turned him into a recluse, only to be born again after falling in love with his wife. Laura, who blames her family's unraveling on her selfish affair, must decide how to reconcile her personal desires with her loved ones' needs.

The Tenth Circle is chock full of symbolism and allegory that at times can seem oppresive. Still, Picoult's fans will welcome this skillfully told story of betrayal and its many negative, and positive consequences.

My Thoughts:

If you would like to read my thoughts on this book, jump over to MY GUEST POST with Books to the Sky!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July 2011 and Song of the Week

Here we are! It's that time again! Time for the song link up with Goodnight Moon!

This week I'm going to annoy the crap out of you so please...enter at your own risk. Believe DO NOT want to hear this song.

I HATE that I like this song. I didn't realize I did until I heard it in a Target store and found myself tapping my foot to it...then it was all over.

I feel so ashamed.

Anyway. I'm sharing this song because we just celebrated the Fourth of July.

On Friday night, I was talking to The Hubble on the phone and I started crying. I told him this was the weekend he was supposed to be coming home to see us. It turns out that since he's attending a civilian school, they didn't get a 4 day weekend for the 4th. So...that meant he wouldn't be able to come home after all.

As I said, I was crying on the phone because I'm 8 months pregnant, emotional, hormonal, needy and missing my guy. I also was not looking forward to some friends visiting. All I wanted to do was sit and mope, not entertain a married couple and their daughter.

So as I was silently, or maybe not so silently, crying, he told me something about not being able to change a plane ticket.

I said "what??"

He told me that he didn't know he was going to get out of class early that day and that he needed a 6 hour lead to change the plane ticket so he wouldn't be able to be here until Saturday morning.

At that point I started bawling. I felt like I understood but still wasn't grasping it so I said "What does that mean???"

And yes, he came in Saturday morning! Granted, he had to leave Monday morning but 48 hours was better than nothing right???

We had a great weekend together and even got to take advantage of my mom's pool too.

So, in honor of this wonderful Fourth of July weekend, here is this song. Please don't listen to it! It's really not worth it! LOL!!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Tale of...Laundry

Once upon a time...I wrote a blog post about laundry.

That was when I introduced you to Bill & Peggy; the family members that almost made The Hubble and me to divorce.

I also explained the right (mine) and wrong (his) ways to fold and put away laundry.


After that post, I was doing laundry with The Hubble...again (don't ask me why I put myself through this kind of torture). I realized that it was going to end in...well...something bad. So I walked away. And he just kind of became in charge of the laundry.

Well, now I have another problem....

The Hubble is gone now. He's not here to do the laundry. And I no longer seem to be capable of doing it myself.

So let me tell you what happens with the laundry nowadays.

The clean laundry stays in the basket. Some days I pour it out onto my bed so I can find something (usually something essential like underwear). Then it goes back into the basket when it's time for bed.

If I do actually sort the laundry, it ends up in a neat pile on top of something, like the new pack 'n play I bought for Baby  N.

And the other problem, if you notice on the floor next to the pack 'n play box...

And the pile of clothes here on the floor next to the laundry basket...

And the pile of clothes on The Hubble's nightstand...

Since my laundry basket is full of clean clothes, I find varied and interesting places to hold my dirty laundry.

I guess I need to find my stride and figure out how to do laundry again huh??

Is there a household chore you have trouble figuring out how to do on your own when your soldier is gone??? Or am I the only one here???