Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

I think I needed yesterday's dream to help get me out of this...mood? Funk? That I've been in lately. I don't know what it is but I've been feeling kind of weird and annoyed. Especially when it comes to The Hubble.

I know that sounds terrible. But we've barely seen each other these last...pretty much 3 years...possibly longer. Let me give you a little rundown:

February 2006 he deployed to Afghanistan.
July 2006 he came back to be Rear Detachment Commander. He had 300 other wives and didn't have time for me. No problem. I'll wait.
August 2007 he took command of a company after having given up Rear-D one month prior. Work schedule from 4am-10pm until he moved us to TX in October 2008, went back to duty station while leaving us in TX.
December 2008 Deployed to Afghanistan until December 2009.

Even though he's been back since December, Little Butt and I were still in TX and he was in NY. We met up and moved to our current duty station at the end of April. So we have pretty much been living together only about 2 months. Actually, a little under two months.

I've been having a slightly difficult time adjusting to him being home...all the time.

See, The Hubble is now in a school environment. He had a week and a half off when we first moved here. Okay, that's fine since we needed to unpack and everything. Then he kept going in and coming home for a couple days. When he finally started the actual class, he came home at noon for a week or two.

I'm just not used to him being around so much! I know this all sounds horrible but it's difficult to having your own space, schedule and home to having someone around constantly! Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing...I'm just saying it's been an adjustment.

I think my dream was a definite wake up call though. It's time to buck up and get through this adjustment period. It's been about two months and I should be able to adapt quicker than that. I need to. The time we have together is so short and so precious that I shouldn't waste it by being annoyed that he's coming home at noon every day and taking a nap.

I need to appreciate the fact that we pretty much have a year of stabilized time together. I need to be grateful for this time that we have to reconnect and share our lives. I need to not take him and this time for granted and use it for all that it's worth. Because who knows what tomorrow may bring. Life is too short for the adjustment period to be longer than this. It's time to get it back. To be happy. To be together. To love each other. It's time baby. I'm here. Now. I'm in it for the long haul so let's get after it.

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