Monday, February 13, 2012

Death! {Project 365: Day 43}

The Hubble...he's pretty cheap.

Well, HE would say that he's a minimalist. I say he's cheap.

Either way you look at it, he tends to fight me on large purchases. I mean, we all know about Bill and Peggy right???

Over the years, I have learned not to fight him on certain things. I definitely pick my battles.

So I have not really said anything about him playing on an old school, original XBox. No big deal right??

Well, within the last year, the XBox 360 has come out with the Kinect. Well I think that sucker is cool!!!

So I went back and forth, back and forth about the idea of getting an XBox 360 with Kinect. 

But you see...The Hubble is cheap! So I was worried about what he would say.

I ended up telling him I was thinking about getting one for the family for Christmas. He actually told me that I'm in charge of the money while he's gone and he trusts my judgement. 

To me, that says GO!!! LOL!!

I did some more thinking on it and finally decided to bite the bullet and get one. 

Well, dear friends. The XBox and I had 2 good months together. 

We sat down to watch a movie yesterday, we put the DVD into the XBox, it played for about a minute, then it froze.

So we reset it. When we turned it back on, this is what we saw:

You see that little light in the center of the silver button?? That light is supposed to be green. It looks amber in the picture but trust me when I tell you it is a menacing red color.

I'm totally annoyed. I've been told I need to call Microsoft and send it in for repairs.

Have I mentioned I'm annoyed???

This is why I should never buy things. Electronics hate me.

I blame Fred.
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