Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Getting Too Old for This Sh....

The Hubble and I had a great night last night. We didn't really do anything. We just sat together at the table and talked. Little Butt ran around playing. Riding her firetruck. Riding her plane. Going up and down the stairs. She was pretty much in her own world (as usual).

The night before last, The Hubble came home and basically fell asleep into his dinner plate. After pulling a couple all nighter's the boy was just beat. And let me tell you...this chick? Yeah, no sympathy for that guy! No way, now how. It's his own damn fault he decided to procrastinate and not start his crazy intense paper 3 weeks ago when he found out about it. Instead, he waited until about 4 days before it was due to work on it. Oh well. He finished it and he hopefully won't be pulling that nonsense again. I hope this was the smack in the a** he needed.

So yeah. Last night we sit down to a great dinner. We had great conversation. And naturally, because it's us, we popped over a bottle of wine with dinner. Then popped open a bottle of wine with dessert. But let me tell you, having a dinner of nothing but fish and vegetables and the lightest dessert you could ever dream of (which I'll be posting about on my food blog on the 27th), with a bottle of wine each, with no carbs to soak it up...what I'm saying is we got....tipsy? Haha! We got pretty buzzed. We had intense conversations about where our lives and the Army are taking us. We had a fairly heated conversation about the General McChrystal blunder. Then we both became passionate and loud about where we want to go next. It's still a guessing game at this point. There's a program he wants to get into that will take us one of three places: Virginia, Florida, or Belgium. I can't help but dream about Belgium.

Anyway...I digress. That all is for a different post. Today it's all about the fact that waking up after last night's antics has not been my favorite thing to do today. I have punchy head and dry eyes. I'm trying to motivate myself to go workout but I just haven't achieved that yet.

The one person who benefited from last night's dinner?

That's right! Little Butt! We got so into what we were talking about that we kind of lost track of time and missed bedtime. By a lot. We (and I use the royal "we" here because it was really The Hubble) realized it was 10:30pm and she wasn't in bed yet! Ooops! Fail!!

So I've decided that people who are officially in their 30's should never pull nights like that. We are just too damn old.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this stuff! Do you have any drunken home stories??
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