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When I was younger I was super skinny. My grandpa would call me a 'crane' and a 'string bean.' Kids at school would tease me about being anorexic. I was always long and thin. It runs in my family to be long and skinny as children.
Unfortunately, that didn't last into adulthood. Sometime around the age of 20 my weight started fluctuating and it became one of those constant struggles that I had heard about other people having. When I got married my weight was at an all time high for me. The Hubble went away to school for 6 months and I lost 25 pounds. I was ecstatic!

Then we moved to New York and I gained weight again. No problem! The Hubble went to Afghanistan, I lost weight. He came back, I got pregnant. I gained weight. I gained A LOT of weight.

Again, no problem right? I lost some weight after having Little Butt. We moved to a new town in NY. I became amazingly unhappy and depressed. I gained weight. 

Are we seeing a theme here?? 

Many people understand the ups and downs of weight fluctuations. Many people struggle with weight and self esteem issues. Many people don't know how to handle these issues. 

Well, in October 2008 I moved to Texas to be near family while The Hubble deployed to Afghanistan again. I was bound and determined to conquer this weight issue once and for all. January 19, 2009 I made a promise to myself to get healthy and start exercising. I haven't stopped. The Hubble is back. We've been through several moves since then and I'm still going strong.
I lost about 60 pounds last year and I did it without a membership to a gym. I did join the Jillian Michaels website but that was in November 2009 when I had already lost about 55 pounds.

I post a lot about my fitness ambitions, goals, and accomplishments on my personal Facebook page and I have often had friends ask me for advice on how to get to their goals. I've often sent links and lists of my favorite workout DVDs and books to my friends. It is my hope that this page can be a place where I can post this type of information for those who are seeking it.

I am by no means an expert on this subject but I have had good results and if my limited knowledge can help anyone then I am here to offer it. Please feel free to leave any thoughts, comments, or let me know if you have any great links!

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