Friday, June 4, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

 Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Liz Gilbert had what many would consider to be the perfect life. She had a loving husband with whom she was trying to have a baby, she had an amazing job, and a brand new home with which her and her family could share. Unfortunately, Liz realized she was unhappy with her life when she found herself crying on the bathroom floor at three in the morning. She did not want to be married, she did not want to have a baby, she did not want her brand new house, she did not want her life. So, she got a divorce (no, it was not just that easy) and she embarked on a journey across the three I’s; Italy, India, and Indonesia.

Liz’s writing style is witty and conversational. She’s funny and forthcoming with her thoughts, fears, and feelings. She often makes her reader laugh out loud by some of her quips and metaphors.

The section on Italy was full of interesting characters, historical tidbits, and delicious food. And don’t forget the gorgeous Italian men and the beauty of the language. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of her four month stay in Italy. I would have been more than thrilled if the entire book was about Italy. Unfortunately, Liz needed to move on to India. India started interestingly enough but soon lost my interest. Unfortunately, I feel there is a limit to how much I can read about one person’s meditation and praying practices. However, in India we meet Richard from Texas. Richard from Texas has an attitude and personality as big as the state he is from! He was funny and insightful…Liz was lucky to have found him seeing as how he helped her realize her true potential and that she could forgive and love herself. Liz finally leaves the Ashram after four months and moves on to Indonesia. In Indonesia she meets healers and expatriates. Here, Liz learns to open her heart to not only herself but to others as well.

All in all I was happy to be able to take this journey with this intelligent and funny woman. Liz’s account did not seem over the top as some memoirs can be but was written in a true and natural voice. I am thrilled to have been able to eat with her in Italy, pray with her in India, and finally love with her in Indonesia.
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