Monday, June 28, 2010

Pets Photo Challenge: I Heart Faces

I know I'm no "photographer." I've only been getting into the camera and taking pictures within the last year or so. I'm beginning to become obsessed with taking photos and trying to learn new things to do with them.

I recently found a site called I Heart Faces that hosts weekly "challenges" and provides tips on fixing and playing with different photo techniques. I don't have photoshop and from what I understand it's a pretty expensive program.

However, with that said, I Heart Faces is having a "pet" challenge this week. See...we had this insane cat, Devlin, who loved to bathe and take showers with us. We couldn't leave a water bowl out for him because he would just play in it. Whenever we turned on a faucet, he would come running. So, even though this picture is a far cry from the talent pictured (pun intended) over on I Heart Faces, I couldn't help but share my nutcase cat. This picture definitely illustrates what Devlin was all about! So  here's my submission:

I could have chosen really pretty pictures of his face, but this just cries Devlin! I hope you enjoy! If you have a great "pet" picture, head over to I Heart Faces and link it up. Good luck!!

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