Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad's Day 2010 Recap

I know this is a day late but I wanted to share what we did for Daddy's Day. The Hubble stayed up until 4am yesterday (Saturday night) because he's been working on a paper that was due today. He's known about this paper for a few weeks now so I just can't bring myself to feel sorry for him and the fact that he has had to pull a few overnights to get it done. So when Dad's day rolled around I had no issues waking him up when Little Butt and I got up. LOL!!! Actually, that's not true. I closed the door and tried to let him sleep in but he got up with us anyway.

We started by giving him his Dad's Day presents. We got him Anthony Bourdain's new book, a hamburger patty press, his favorite candy bar, and a counting coin jug thing.

After the gift opening, I made him some breakfast. Then we decided to go have a fun day at the park.

Woah! Look what Daddy can do!!

That's incredible!

Little Butt can do some spectacular tricks as well! She even climbed this ladder alone!

But Daddy has a bit more experience.

Next it was time to explore the "forest."

We looked at rocks...

And trees.

But it was so hot...

So we had a watermelon snack!

But it was still super hot so we left. We went home to take a tubby...

Then we went out to dinner.

A BBQ dinner.

Because BBQ is "man" food (make sure when you say "man" you add a low growl with that).

Oh yeah...I'd say he had a good day.

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