Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day Late and a Blog Short

You know...when you miss a day of computer time, all the blogs you follow tend to get into the millions as far as posts. Since I got busy yesterday I missed a day and had about 5 million blogs to get through. Ugh. I knew I was in for the long haul, so what did I do??

I grabbed a cup of coffee (or four) and hunkered down in front of my computer to catch up. I will say that I probably didn't get a chance to read them all because there were just too many! Yikes!! That will teach me not to miss a day.

So why did I miss yesterday? Well, I had a friend over for coffee and cake and we just did a bunch of talking. Her son, Z-Man, and Little Butt had a ton of fun playing together. They were pretty much crazy and insane all morning. At a certain point they went quiet so I had to go check on them...

They were quietly hiding under the bed...

and when Z-Man left...

Little Butt got out too.

They are pretty much the funniest craziest kids. It was a lot of fun.

They stayed until it was time to get home and get Z-Man down for a nap. While they were here, I received a box from UPS. It turned out to be a box full of books from my mom!

The Hubble was gone all evening preparing for a brief he had to give this morning so while Little Butt played in her room, I started the first book in the series my mom sent me. A couple hours and 100 pages later, I decided to finally call it a night and go to sleep. It was well after midnight and Little Butt had been sleeping since 9pm.

Of course, that meant I did NOT want to get up this morning...and that brings us back to the coffee that was much needed this morning.

At least we had fun yesterday. And we are making plans for the weekend! There's nothing like finding new friends to make the days pass by a little quicker. Whether those friends are in the flesh or the ones you discover through the imagination...they are amazing to meet!

Have you met any new friends lately? Were they real, found in bloggyville or found through literature?

Oh! I almost forgot! One of my newest bloggyville friends has charged me with the duty of answering a questionnaire for her.

A Modern Military Mother asked:

1. Are you a meticulous planner?
No, not particularly. I've found that there's just no way to plan for things. I've tried in the past but at this point I think I've given up. And I can never really make up my mind enough to plan for anything! But sometimes I do try...

2. Do you wear makeup & if so how much & how often?
I actually have a crazy obsession with makeup. I love to apply it and buy it and wear it. I have to be in the mood though. I always wear a bit of makeup if I'm going out of the house or having someone over. My makeup is so expensive though that if I'm just staying home with family I won't wear any at all. I do enjoy the days when I'm in the mood and can go a bit crazy with it. I love color! And glitter! And shimmer! I do love makeup...

3. What, if anything, do you wear to bed? 
For a while I was wearing an extra large men's undershirt and extra large men's pajama pants. I was pretty much swallowed in these bedtime clothes. I decided I would get something a bit nicer since I lost like 60 pounds. I still wear men's stuff to bed because they are just more comfortable. My favorite pajama pants are the men's pajama pants from Old Navy. My current favorite ones are dark blue with pin up girls on them. I wear those with a small men's wife beater. I love my comfy jammies!

4. Look over your right shoulder, what do you see? 
This canvas painting by Brent Lynch. We have him hanging next to her but she's directly behind me.

5. If you had to take a random item to an interview to help describe you, what would it be? 
I would probably have to take a book that is kind of worn and beaten. The book would have to be about many things. Kind of like a random thoughts or information book. I am pretty random and have an eclectic array of interests.

6. What film would you have liked a starring role in?
Annie. At a certain point in my life I wanted to be Annie. I wouldn't answer to anyone if they didn't call me Annie. I would walk around singing all the songs. I pretty much still know them...

7. Jimmy Stewart of Cary Grant?
Gene Kelly.

8. Do you swear in front of your children?
Ummm...yes. Haha! I know I shouldn't but I have a mouth like a sailor! The Hubble says I even make him blush sometimes!! I think that if we are too "oh you shouldn't cuss" then it makes the children feel like it's a fun rebellious thing to do and they will do it more. If it's part of everyday conversation it doesn't seem like such a big deal. And I'm not one of those people who care if I get dirty looks because my daughter said she was going to be a "little bitch" for Halloween or when she says "goddammit" or repeats when I say "wake the F*** up Daddy!"

9. Do you knit of sew or do any other 'womanly' craft?
Well, we all know I love to cook and bake!! LOL! I also dabble in other things. I taught myself to knit. I've done scrapbooking. I know how to cross stitch. But I just enjoy crafty things. I also draw, and read. I just have a ton of interests and sometimes I go through phases and try to learn as much as possible!

10. Twitter or Facebook?
I do both but mainly I update Twitter. I can update and respond through text messaging on my phone. I can FB through my phone too, but all those game and app updates ruin FB for me. It makes me angry and slightly violent.

Now you should absolutely head over to A Modern Military Mother's answers to these questions because they are hilarious! She's one rad lady!

Okay! That's it!!! I'm sorry to have made this so long! I can't choose just a few people to answer these questions because I really want to hear (or read) all of your answers. So if you want to be nice to me, take these questions and answer them!!! Thanks! And if you actually got to the end of this crazy random and insanely long post, will you be my best friend??? Because you are awesome!

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