Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Butt Loves the Stairs: Mamarazzi Monday

Here at our new house we have some stairs. We haven't had stairs in a home since Little Butt was way little and not walking yet. So, needless to say, she's become pretty obsessed with the stairs.

She likes to lay on the stairs and pretend she can't climb up. Some days she will start at the bottom, today she was at the top. "Help! Help me mommy!"

On this particular day she even tried, with all her might, to grab onto anything that would help her reach the top and not slide back down! "Almost there!!"

It didn't work. Alas, she is doomed...

The battle has been lost. The attempt to reach the top has been ceased as she slowly slides back down the stairs she struggled so valiantly and bravely to conquer. She's gone...forever. "I will always love you dear Little Butt. I'll miss you!"

Mamarazzi Monday
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