Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who Can It Be Now?

Why...it's PVT Murphy of course!!

Why wouldn't he rear his ugly head already??

I mean, The Hubble had been gone for a bit under a week when PVT Murphy decided to make his appearance.

I don't know why...but I thought I had a bit more time. 

Shouldn't The Hubble at least be deployed before something happens?

Apparently not.

Let me tell you about my day that day.

I invited my niece to come hang out with Little Butt and me for the day. We were going to work on my Daring Bakers challenge. My niece loves to cook and bake like I do and she's never really had a role model for it so I thought I could start cooking/baking with her to help her learn some techniques.

We were hanging out and I noticed that my Little Niecelet (my niece's daughter) had disappeared. She was found in the computer room/library. So my niece and I started closing the doors that Little Niecelet shouldn't go into. 

I went to close my bedroom door and somehow...I have no idea how this happened...I kicked the side/bottom corner of the door with my little toe. The whole thing is kind of vague for me. 

All I know is that all of a sudden there was excruciating pain and numbness all at the same time. I watched as my toe began to swell to twice the original size. 

I had shooting pains up through my foot and it burned and was numb...it was really weird. My niece got me some ice but it hurt way too badly to keep the ice on. 

I was on the verge of tears and thought for sure that maybe I had broken it.

It finally calmed down a bit but still hurt to put any weight on it. 

And what was worse...it's my driving foot.

So here I was...7 months pregnant, with a 4 year old, no husband and now I broke a toe on my driver's foot. Great!

Later that night, I realized there was a pretty nice bruise in between the last two toes:

(Please forgive my horrible pedicure in these pictures, I was supposed to go get my feet done the following weekend).

Even later that night, I realized that the bruise had extended to the top of the foot above those two toes.

(The bruise is a bit hard to see in the picture but if you look closely you can see discoloration)

The bruising has reduced significantly, as has the pain. It still hurts when I move it a certain way or put pressure on it in the wrong spot.

I did go to the ER the next day (only because my family insisted) and they didn't even take an x-ray. So I still don't know if I broke it or just jammed it really good. 

Either way, the only thing they would be able to do would be to buddy wrap the two toes. They did that. And let me tell you...it helped tremendously.

Also, I wasn't sure if I could drive, but my JerBear suggested I get in the car with it off and try to press the peddles. It worked! So now things aren't so bad.

But it just figures that something like this would happen as soon as The Hubble is a thousand or more miles away.

Such is life as a military wife. And I know you all know what I'm talking about!
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