Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Fitness Motivation Edition

On the heels of this post, I figure that this is the perfect "Wordless" Wednesday this week.

Will you???

Monday, October 10, 2011

Regret is Not an Option

How many times do you think is appropriate for a blogger to start a blog post with the words "I'm sorry, I suck as a blogger."?? 

I keep feeling kind of guilty about not blogging so much lately.

Then I start to think...I have a new baby...

And I have a kid in pre-K who keeps me super busy...

And I'm doing it on my own.

I honestly don't know how people do it sometimes. 

Not the kid thing, the blogging thing too. 

I miss blogging. I miss connecting. I miss reading my favorite blogs...I don't seem to have time for much of anything lately.

The only blogging I'm doing is shooting out some recipes over at Jolts & Jollies

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a post about how much I suck at blogging lately. It's supposed to be about me.

Right now, I'm pretty tired. I should go to bed. But the house is quiet. The kids are sleeping and it's just me, in the dark. I like it this way. It's peaceful. 

I was thinking about how the only real time I have to myself is either late at night, or if I get up early in the morning. 

I tried the early morning thing today. I got up early and it was pretty quiet, but I kept worrying that Baby N would wake up any minute.

I started thinking about this because...well...I'm fat.

I mean, I'm heavier than I want to be. And I'm tired of it.

I have no real excuses. Yes, yes...I know. I just had a baby. I've heard it and I don't want to hear it anymore.

I'm annoyed that I can't be one of those super skinny girls who don't look pregnant until they are 8 months then pop out the kid and are back in their daisy dukes the next day.

Instead, I'm stuck being the girl who gains 65-80 pounds each pregnancy then has nothing to wear when the baby arrives.

I got tired of wearing maternity pants (they kept falling down) so I bit the bullet and went shopping for new jeans. The first attempt didn't go so well. But I got so fed up with my maternity pants that I just got some real jeans anyway. And they look like crap. But what can I do??

I'll tell you what I can do...

I can get moving again.

So that's what I did. 

I woke up at 5:30am this morning and did 12 minutes on the elliptical. 

I know it's not much, but it's something. And I have felt great all day (even though I was starving all day).

I figure that the only time I have to work out is super early in the morning so that's what I'm going to have to start doing. I'm okay with that.

I've done this before, and I'll do it again. Don't believe me?? Check out my Fitness section of the blog.

I have to do something. If I'm unhappy with the way I am, I have the power to change it. 

Granted, I'm not going to be able to get rid of my "baby belly" without a medical procedure (which I think I should get for my 11 year anniversary) but I can do as much as possible right??

Recently, I was on Pinterest and I found this motivational thing that has really stuck with me:

This is definitely something I'm going to remember from now on. And you should too. 

Who is with me?? Who is ready to get moving??