Monday, July 5, 2010

A Texas Man and His Grill

Seeing how it is July and July is pretty much the national grilling month (I may or may not have just made that up) I thought I would dedicate an entire post to our new grill.

See...I married me a Texas born and bred Hellraiser and nothing flows through a Texas man's blood more than grilling. So naturally, when The Hubble's parents helped us move up here from Texas, the housewarming gift we received from them was...that's right...a grill. Because a Texas man has to pass down the love and act of grilling to his son. And the fact that The Hubble is the first born, well that makes it even more intense.

The only thing about this grill is that it needed to be put together.

The in-laws had left by the time we purchased and were ready to put together the grill so The Hubble had to do it all by his lonesome.

Of course, I was there with the camera in his face and yelling "look at me" and sufficiently annoying him. I'm such a supportive Wiffle aren't I??

Of course, being there for support came with it's own consequences. You see him reaching to his belt to get his Gerber tool? It's about to start. What's about to start you ask???

The lecture! The lecture was about to start! I should have run when I saw him reaching for his beloved tool!

But alas, I stayed. Therefore, I had to listen. I had to hear, again, about how fabulous and amazing this tool is...

How this tool was with him in Afghanistan. How he almost lost it at an airport when he forgot her had it on his person. How he was surprised to get it back. Yadda, yadda, yadda...

This guy sure is lucky I love him...

And I listen to all of his stories about five thousand times.

Until I get bored that is. See ya!!

Luckily, the grill was finally successfully put together. There was much frustration and it took a couple days. Then it was broken in...

By being rained on. Poor little guy.

But there they are finally...happy and together. A Texas man and his grill.
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