Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Top 10 TV Show DVDs

Recently I wrote a post about all the trouble I've been having with our middle of nowhere, podunk cable company. If you haven't read it, you can find it here.

In this post I mentioned that The Hubble and I don't really care for TV. That we didn't have TV for about 6 years.

I would like to take a moment to clarify this. We didn't NEVER watch anything on our television. Actually we have a fairly extensive movie and TV show DVD collection. And that's how we would spend our TV time. Watching movies and shows on DVD.

Even now, I don't watch TV when a show is on. I use my DVR more than anything and watch shows at my convenience.

So I decided that today I would share 10 of my favorite TV shows on DVD. So here goes!

10. Roswell ~ This show is about three alien teenagers who are fighting to hide their identity from family and friends while in the most alien conscious town in the U.S. I love this show because it's the cheesy science fiction/fantasy stuff that I like and it's some of Katherine Heigel's earliest work.

9. Dawson's Creek ~ I know, I know. How many lame teeny bopper shows can I possibly be in love with?? You will see that they are a lot. There's something innocent and nostalgic about these types of shows. Who doesn't know about Dawson's Creek?? When I was living in NY I had a friend send me the entire collection from Washington State so I could borrow them. The show is surprisingly well done and I found myself completely drawn in by the love...square of the four main teens in the show. I fell in love with Katie Holmes during this show...then she ran off and married Creepy Cruise.

8. CSI: NY ~ Hello Gary Sinise! Okay seriously. The man is freaking hot in this show!! I like this one over all the other CSI's because it's set in NYC! I love that town! And...hello Gary Sinise!!! I love the New York attitude that the CSI workers have. I love the darkness of the show. I was pretty obsessed with this one for a while.

7. Sex and the City ~ Yes I am a fan. I hated this show when I first started watching it. But I started it from the middle and this is definitely one of those shows that you have to watch from the beginning to understand. When The Hubble went away to school during our first 6 months of marriage I moved in with a friend and we used to have Sex and the City nights together. I will always remember that show fondly because that was when my friend and I bonded.

6. Dexter ~ What can be said about a serial killer that you can't help but love??? I wasn't sure about this show at first. A show about a serial killer? No thanks. Until I found out more about it. Dexter was raised by a cop who saw the tendency in him to become a serial killer. So his cop father taught him how to not get caught and how to select his "prey" by making sure they were bad people. In a way, Dexter is doing the world a favor by taking out the bad guys, right??

5. True Blood ~ I've actually only seen the first season of this show. I got it for my birthday last year. But I love it! I read the first few books before seeing the first season and it doesn't really keep with the book exactly but it's good. It is full of that cheesy, corny stuff that I love!

4. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations ~ This man is H-O-T, HOT! I love him! I love his sarcastic, arrogant, asshole nature. I love how he has no fear. I love learning about different cultures and the types of foods they eat. I discovered this show through another friend and I've never gone back! I have even read several of Anthony Bourdain's books and got The Hubble hooked on him as well. Love him and love this show!

3. Alias ~ I fell head over heels in love with Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper because of this show. It's full of suspense, intrigue and action with some love story thrown in. I own the entire series on DVD and have watched it several times. When I need to get motivated to get moving, kick some serious butt, and be filled with girl power I watch this show.

2. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer ~ I remember watching the movie with this same title back in the day. I will admit that I actually love the movie as well! But I think we've already established the fact that I love me some cheese and corn! And if I can get it together in the same show or movie, the better! This show is not as corny though. The first season when they are all little and new is kind of corny. But the show grew and matured through the years and became one of my ultimate favorite shows. I own all of these seasons on DVD as well. Sometimes I wish it didn't have to end but I always have the DVDs whenever I need some Buffy time.

1. Gilmore Girls ~ I. Love. This. Show. A friend of mine in NY lent me the DVDs and got me HOOKED! Lauren Graham is the hotness! I dream about having the type of relationship with my daughter that this mom and daughter duo had. I think this is definitely my ultimate favorite show. I would recommend anyone to watch it and have gotten many people as obsessed with it as I am. I'm not sure how many houses at this point my DVDs have been to. I love the Gilmore Girls! Just talking about them makes me want to watch them again!

So there you have it. Those are my Top 10 TV Shows on DVD. But I'm interested in yours.

Have you watched any of these shows? What did you think?

What are your Top 10 TV Shows on DVD??
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