Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video Killed the Radio Star

I am not a TV person. I don't know that I ever have been really. I do remember watching Sci-Fi Friday with my mom way back in the day.

When The Hubble and I got married we didn't have a lot of money. We were surviving on my paycheck as a Department Manager for a big box bookstore while he was finishing college. We didn't have a lot of money. We decided to forgo the idea of cable. No problem. We had movies.

When he graduated, received his commission into the Army, and we moved to NY...again, we decided we didn't need TV. I was an Assistant Store Manager at this point and was preparing to help open my second brand new store and The Hubble would be commuting an hour and a half each way to and from work. We figured we would be too busy to watch TV.

On the weekends we would be out and about or he would play with his music and I would read. We honestly didn't have TV for about 6 years. It just never occurred to us that we may need it. Unless you count the Thanksgiving we had friends over and they were appalled they couldn't watch the game. Luckily, we hang out with a bunch of Engineers so one of our friends was able to rig some contraption with bunny ears, lots of cords, and an open window in the middle of winter. We were able to watch the game. LOL!

The only other time I wanted to watch anything was the Superbowl. But that was no big deal. I just made The Hubble drive me to Hooters (even through a blizzard) so I could watch the game and have beer and wings.

We really loved our quiet little lives. It suited us.

Then Little Butt came along. I quit my job and we moved to the tiniest town ever so we could be closer to where The Hubble worked. We decided that I would be bored and we would need TV.

We've had TV ever since. We rarely watch it, but Little Butt likes the Noggin/Nick Jr. channel.

Moving here I've had nothing but trouble with this cable company. They are a small town company that I've never even heard of. We've lived here almost 3 months and we are now onto our fifth cable box.

Saying that I'm annoyed is a bit of an understatement.

When I first ordered cable here, I didn't realize you had to ask to have them add DVR. I honestly thought it just came standard. Nope.

So box number one was a plain old cable box. I called, ordered DVR service and they said we could come exchange the box. No problem.

Box number two we bring home, set up...DVR still won't work. I call again. A couple days in a row. Hoping that them resetting things will help fix it. Finally, one lady realized they gave us the wrong hardware. They gave us an HD box, not a DVR capable box. Okay...

Box number three. Technician comes and exchanges box. DVR works. Awesome. We have a good week or so. DVR option stops working. What??? I call again. The box works, just the DVR option crapped out. We reset it again. We wait. Nothing changes.

Box number four. Technician comes out, exchanges box. Says the box we had was a crap model and this new one should be great. I get excited. I set my few shows to record on the DVR. Yay! New box! A day or so won't work. At all.

At this point I'm mad. I'm ready to cancel the whole damn thing. I mean, we don't even watch it! We have an extensive DVD collection and the internet is an amazing tool where we can watch anything on the interwebs.

I wait a couple weeks.

I calm down a bit.

I miss my very few shows.

I call the company...again.

They say the technician supervisor will come out the next afternoon. Cool.

Next afternoon, I wait...and wait.

Lady from company calls. Lady: "Are you home now?" Me: "Yes." Lady: "Okay, we'll send the technician back out." Me: "What do you mean back out?" Lady: "He was there earlier and left a note and a remote on the door." Me: "No. I've been here all day and there's no note. And remote? What are you talking about??" Lady: "Okay ma'am, he's on his way."

Guy comes out. Tells me he got the orders wrong and was at a different house earlier. He's never seen a box do what mine is doing right now. It is dead. D-E-D. Dead. It responds to nothing. It won't even reset. He messes with a few things then calls us down and says he knows what the problem is.

Apparently the cord from the TV to the box was the wrong Voltage?? The box can't handle the intense amount of power that cord was giving off so they kept frying. Nice.

He changes out some cords. Removes offending cord. Wishes us luck and he's on his way.

We'll see how long this one lasts. I will not do this again...

Are you a TV person? How much would you take before giving up? Or would you move to another company?
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