Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CYS Registration Take One

Recently I started the process of trying to get Little Butt registered with CYS (Child Youth Services) so I could put her in hourly care. This would be beneficial for me so I could have some time on my own and go for a jog (which I miss terribly). It would also be good for her so she could socialize and play with other kids.

I've never put Little Butt in daycare. I've always felt that if I wasn't working and bringing in any money, why should I pay to have someone else watch her. The Hubble has told me to put her in daycare for a couple hours just so I could take a bubble bath or read a book. Something for myself. But I would feel guilty about that.

However, now that we are so far away from most anyone we know and there aren't really that many kids her age in our neighborhood, I'm thinking daycare would be good for her so she can find some friends.

In January, I was going to the gym with a friend and Little Butt would stay in the kid's center. She loved it! She has always been fine if I leave her somewhere. When she was still an infant I would leave her with a friend for the weekend so The Hubble and I could have some "alone" time.

So, now I'm totally ready. She's three years old and I know it will be good for her. Thursday we went to CYS to get her registered. Well, that didn't go as planned. There was a huge line and only one person working. I think we were there about an hour or so waiting for our turn.

When we got up there I told the lady that Little Butt has what is called "nursemaid's elbow." Basically, if anyone pulls on her arm, her elbow pops out of socket. The first time this happened was when she was about a year old. We were walking into a birthday party and The Hubble and I were swinging her between us as we walked and it popped out. Emergency room visit number one. It was an easy fix. When we went to get her temperature taken, they called a doctor in and they popped it back in.

The second time, we were moving from NY to TX. She was about 18 months old at this point. We stopped at a McDonald's and were heading back to the U-Haul after lunch. She didn't like this idea. I was holding her hand and had a ton of stuff in my other hand. She started trying to go back to McDonald's and I stood there telling her no. Her arm popped out. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it for a couple hours. I thought she was crying because I finally put down the stuff in my other hand and picked her up and made her go back to the U-Haul. She fell asleep shortly after that. When she woke up and was flipping through a book using her foot and her right hand I knew something was wrong. We stopped at some small hospital in a podunk town about an hour away from Abilene. The Doctor there had no clue what he was doing! He pulled and pushed her arm around. He took x-rays. He kept messing with it and even called the Abilene Hospital trying to figure out what to do. All the while she was in pain and screaming as he was messing with it. We ended up having to ride in an ambulance to Abilene while The Hubble drove the U-Haul behind us. When we got there they took more x-rays then quickly popped it back in. That was so traumatic for me that I never forgot it and freaked out any time anyone came near her arm. I have trouble with the thought of leaving her somewhere where people may pull on her arm.

The third, and final (so far), time this has happened, we were at a friend's house in January and her four year old son was trying to help Little Butt onto the couch. It popped out. This time we just took her to the ER and they popped it right back in. You would think by this point we would have asked them to show us how to pop her arm back in.

Anyway. So back to the original issue. I told the lady at CYS about Little Butt's arm and now I have to attend some special needs training thing on the 21st before I can complete her registration. The problem with this is that I need to get her medical records, make an appointment with a nurse, and have the nurse look at her records before the 15th or I won't be able to attend this month's special needs training.

So I've called around and found three different places that have her record. I have paperwork filled out so I can take them to our current physician's office and have them request the records. We got all ready to go and I realized The Hubble has her car seat at work with him.

See, we switched it out of my car into his over the weekend when we drove to another town. The Hubble has a smaller, zippy little car and we thought it might be a nice change to take his instead of mine. Little Butt did enjoy it very much. She kicked back and enjoyed the ride. We should have thought to put the car seat back in my car I guess.

So yeah...I'm a bit frustrated right now. I am stuck at home and don't know if I can even get the medical records here in time for the 15th. I had plans and now I have to just sit here. Blah. But what can I do??
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