Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind

Title: Wizard's First Rule

Author: Terry Goodkind

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 978-0812548051

Pages: 832

This review is my opinion and I have not been compensated for it in any way.

Richard Cypher was not your average wood’s guide. Richard was a boy who knew pain. The pain of loss. The loss of both his parents. The first was when he was a young boy and his mother died in a fire. The most recent, the punch in his gut, was the murder of his father. His father’s murder was so brutal that the townsfolk refused to give him details of the crime scene. Now all the family Richard has left is his brother.
Richard, not being the type of person to stand down easily, needed answers. Little did he know that searching for these answers would lead him down a path that would change his life forever.
Trying to find his father’s killer was just the beginning. When searching the woods for clues Richard meets Kahlan. Kahlan is from the Midlands and is not supposed to have been able to cross the boundary. However, the boundary is failing. What is the boundary? It is the magical wall that separates the three lands. The boundary was put in place by powerful wizards after the deathly rule of a tyrant. The three lands are: Westland, where Richard is from, that has no magic. The Midlands, a world of magic. And D’hara, a magical land where all the dark creatures are kept. So the boundary is failing, the land’s are bleeding into one another. If they fall completely there may be nothing to save the people of Westland and possibly The Midlands as well.
What does simple wood’s guide Richard Cypher have to do with any of this? You will have to read the book to find out.
Wizard’s First Rule is an epic fantasy novel. The world that Terry Goodkind creates draws the reader in like few others have been able. The plot is full of twists, turns and intrigue.
I find myself having difficulty reviewing a book such as this for fear of giving anything away. And because I am having trouble putting words to how awesome this book was. This book had me hooked within the first chapter. The trials that Richard faces throughout his journey through this novel were unreal. Every time I thought he was out of harms way, or the book would calm down, another factor was presented.
Terry Goodkind’s writing style, his voice, is beautiful prose. He captures the essence of each character beautifully. He introduces each person and provides such intense detail of the people and the land’s through which they are travelling that the reader feels as though they are travelling through these lands as well. You believe you are part of the journey. Many characters are introduced throughout the pages of this novel but none are lacking in personality. You love some, hate others and your feelings are confused with a few.
As a stay at home mom to a 3 year old, I do most of my reading at night before bed. Each night I would lay down and tell myself I would read just one chapter. However, each chapter draws you into the next that hours would pass and I would have to force myself to put the book down around 1:30am each night so I could get some rest.
However, with every pro, cons exist as well. I found the ending of this particular book a bit cheesy for my taste, and I love cheese! I felt like it was ended too quickly. But I do know there are several more books in the series so I know I will continue. This book can be read as a stand alone or you can continue to learn and grow with the characters as they progress through the series. I am definitely going to continue with the series as I fell in love with everyone within the pages of this book.
If you enjoy books like George R. R. Martin’s Songs of Ice and Fire series, you will love Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series. I highly recommend that you put down everything you are doing and read this book. Although, if you want to eat, sleep or have a life you may want to stay away.
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