Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where Ideas are Born

When I was in school for my Bachelor's I had to write papers pretty much every week. The most difficult part of writing a paper, for me, is the introduction. I just could never figure out how I wanted to start. I knew the body...just not the intro.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people who can write a paper from the middle. I have to start at the beginning. I don't know why...I just do. I have to write the paper in order.

After about a year in the program, I realized that my best ideas were formed in the shower or when I went to brush my teeth or wash my face. Sometimes I would be mid-scrub and have to leave the bathroom to run and scribble down my introduction.

The shower has always been a time when I can just stop and reflect about life. My great ideas are usually born in the shower. I've come to cherish this quiet, alone time over the years and know that if I'm struggling with figuring out something, all I need to do is go take a shower and it will come to me.

Until recently...

I have this daughter, see...

Yeah that one. Little Butt. Well, she's decided that she loves showers! And not just showers...she loves my showers. She thinks that showering with me is the greatest thing ever.

Whenever I go to get in the shower I will tell her to come get me if she needs anything. A few minutes into my shower...here comes Little Butt telling me that she needs a shower too. I find myself begging and pleading for her to please let me shower alone. But to no avail. She undresses and gets in the shower with me regardless.

So gone are the days of quiet reflection. Gone are the days of solitude. Where will my great ideas be born now? When will I get a moment to myself?

This kid is lucky she's cute and that I love her. Though I miss them, I would give up my showers for her any day.

Do you have kids? What do they do that completely annoys you?
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