Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday & A Giveaway!

Guess what!!!

It's my birthday!!!

Well...not my birthday.

No...it's My Camo Colored Life's Birthday...or...it WAS anyway.

This past Saturday, June 4th, was my 1 year blogiversary. Hooray!!

It's crazy to me that I've been blogging here for a year already.

My how time flies. 

I remember sitting in a new state, in a new house, with no friends and nothing to do. I wanted to feel connected to someone, anyone. I found the milspouse blogging community and decided that this was where I could connect with others. And connect, I have! I've made some awesome friends here!

My very first post on this blog (besides uploading some of my old book reviews) was Memorial Day 2010. I had just met a couple ladies that were in The Hubble's career class and wasn't sure if friendships would bloom. They did! 

I also won my first bloggy award, I wrote about certain family members that almost caused The Hubble and I to divorce, Little Butt went to her first day of daycare ever, I joined a blogging challenge and struggled to find...then accepted my niche, I expressed my love for my husband and opened my heart about my sadness and fears when I was pregnant with Little Butt and afterward

Through all of this, you have been here for me. You have left me comments. You have supported me.

You have been the one I could lean on and turn to when I felt I didn't have anyone else. 

And for all of that...I am thankful. 

Thank you for being so amazing and giving me that connection I was so longing for...I found it in you. :-D

And because I love you so much. Because we've been through a lot already and will continue to go through more together...I'm doing a couple giveaways!

The one for today is sponsored by J over at It's a Dog Tag Wife Life.

J has recently ventured into the body pampering business and has started making her own soaps, lotions, scrubs and more. I was lucky enough to be a guinea pig for her early stuff. She sent me some lotion in coconut lime, sugar scrub in snickerdoodle (OMG!), bath bombs in snickerdoodle and coconut lime and soap in violet. They are all really amazing!! I love them!

She's been hard at work making new flavors and scents. Just check out her Etsy site: Inspiri Body. (It's a little sparse right now but she's getting it together quickly).

Some of the new flavors she's been making I am seriously swooning over.

Like Tulip Lotion...

And Lily of the Valley Soap. Wow!!

Anyway. Let me tell you more about the giveaway. Inspiri Body is offering one lucky reader the chance to win  a soap, body gel, lotion, bath bomb, scrub and bath salts in the flavor of your choice! How freaking awesome is that???

Want to win it??

Simply answer this question:

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?

For more entries you can:

  • Follow My Camo Colored Life through Google Friend Connect or RSS Feed
  • Follow me on Twitter: @mannadonn
  • Follow InspiriBody on Twitter
  • Follow It's a Dog Tag Wife Life blog
  • Tweet about this giveaway (make sure to include both @mannadonn and @InspiriBody in the tweet)
There you go! That is 6 chances to win this great giveaway! (Make sure to leave an individual comment for each entry)

The winner will be picked at random on June 15th. So go enter!!! I promise...you want this one.

And don't forget to watch out for the next giveaway. You never know when it will show up! 
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