Thursday, June 2, 2011

Puttin' on the Ritz and My Song of the Week

As I've mentioned before, The Hubble is off doing his Army thing.

Although, my boy has no idea how to stay inside the box...or color in the lines. He tends to be this crazy radical. I seriously don't know how the Army puts up with him...

Oh that's right, his last Battalion Commander called him a punk. That's my guy! LOL!!

Well, this "Army" school that he's in right now is not so much an Army school. It is actually a civilian run school. 

Now...let me divert for just a moment. Walk with me.

When I was in Junior High and High School I had a boyfriend who wore nothing but suits. I absolutely LOVED that look. (Yes, I know that's pretty young to be so sharply dressed, but I didn't mind).

I swore to myself that I would marry a business man some day (I thought I would marry that guy, but you all know how young and stupid us girls can be). 

I had absolutely NO intention of marrying a soldier. None at all. 

But, to my surprise, the long haired, crazy radical of a guy I became friends with then started dating and eventually married was a closet soldier...through and through.

Anyway. Back to the present. My nutcase husband RARELY dresses up. He usually looks like this:

Some kind of band t-shirt; 99.8% of the time that t-shirt is black. He either wears jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. His favorite pair of shorts are these BDU cutoffs that he made all by himself. Isn't he talented?? (I hope you don't get hit by my dripping's messy).

When he's not in his favorite shorts and band t-shirts, he's wearing this uniform that we all know and love:

Though the uniform is different among the branches of service, we all love the uniform our guys wear right?? Dangit! I'm dropping that sarcasm crap everywhere!

Now...when I'm really lucky, I get to see him in his pretty uniform:

He cleans up so nicely! I've seen him in a tux twice in our 11 1/2 years together. Once at our wedding and once at him best friends wedding.

So now I get to the meat and potatoes of this post. For the next 4 months, while he's in this civilian run school...he's not wearing his beloved shorts and t-shirts. He's not wearing his every day uniform, nor his pretty one. Oh no...this school requires him to look like this:

That's right people! Business casual. My dream guy is standing (in a bathroom I know) there, all gussied up. We bought him some nice slacks and lovely shirts and ties if he's so inclined to wear them. Then he packed all that up and took them with him to school.

I would give anything to see him dressing like this every day...but alas, the Army has taken that and rubbed it in my face (isn't that what they're good at??).

So, in honor of my sharply dressed man that I don't get to see (other than a MySpace worthy bathroom pic) here is my song of the week.

Don't forget to head over to Goodnight Moon and link up your song of the week. We're having a dance party and you should definitely join!

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