Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doing Better and Song of the Week

I mentioned a couple days ago that I had a really bad week last week.

So...I ended up missing the song of the week. This makes me sad. But they only songs I could think of were pretty depressing and annoying so I didn't want to subject you all to that.

This week is going much better! Although I'm being pretty lazy today. LOL! It's 1:30pm and I still haven't showered. That's next though. Stinky!

Anyway. When I start to feel overwhelmed and anxious, I tend to put one song on repeat. This song helps me start to feel better and realize that I need to get it together and keep on trucking.

There were times during The Hubble's last deployment that I thought I was going to fall apart...and this song helped save me. I don't know just does.

I hope that maybe it can help someone else in their chaotic moments. I listened to this song several times last week.

Here it is. And don't forget to jump over to Goodnight Moon and link up!!

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