Monday, June 13, 2011

Menu Planning Monday Week 4 {Scentsy Party Edition}

Hello, hello!!

I'm back from a fun but crazy busy weekend!!

AND! I survived!!! Woohoo!

My back and my house are a little worse for wear, but nothing that time won't fix. Unfortunately, both of these issues need their own kind of attention...and they are definitely at opposite ends of the spectrum. What can you do??

So...since it's Monday I figured I would share the menu that I put together for my mom's Scentsy party.

Let me start by saying that this party (and the food) were a big hit! People couldn't stop exclaiming about how good the food was. And the Scentsy consultant even told me should was going to hire me for her large events in the future. I can get behind that big time! LOL!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from the party. I know, I know...what a slacker!

I was just so busy leading up to the party that the moment it was all laid out, all I wanted to do was sit and breathe. Honestly, I didn't even want to eat by that point. Just sit.

That being said, you are going to get some old pictures of my stuff and some links to the other recipes I used.

I served:

The following recipes I just kind of if you are interested in the recipe/how to, let me know:

Limoncello Peaches
Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs

And my dear friend Monica brought these:

Almond Jam Bars

We did have a blast at the party. We played bingo and several prizes were passed around. Somehow, I ended up signing up to do a book party next month. I hear next month's warmer is so cute that I couldn't pass up the need to have it. So...if anyone wants some Scentsy next month, let me know!

As always, if you are interested, go ahead and link up a recipe to share with us. (This is the fourth week this is running. If no one participates in the next couple of weeks, I'll stop doing this.)

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