Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the Daily Grind {Project 365: Day 1}

Man oh man!

I just fail lately don't I??

Yesterday, I remembered that I was going to start the Project 365 thing on January 1st. Yup. I remembered January 2nd.

Oh well, just a day late right??

My whole intention for doing this is to keep The Hubble updated on what we are doing, and to get back into the habit of blogging again.

So I grabbed my trusty camera and set to work yesterday. I took pictures today too, but they will have to wait until tomorrow to be uploaded, edited, and blogged about.

Anyway. So what went down yesterday??

Well...Little Butt went back to school!

She actually wasn't feeling very well and didn't even want to go to school. But as I was told when I was little, I let her know that if she didn't go to school, she didn't get to play with friends after school. So she went.

When we got there, she seemed to have forgotten that she didn't feel well...

She dropped her backpack and took off like a bat out of Hell to go run and play with her classmates before school started for the day.

Once the drop off was complete, I went to lunch with my mom and sister.

Salmon teriyaki bento anyone??

How about some sushi?? It was quite delicious.

When I went back to get Little Butt, I ended up having to wait for a while before she came out. She was being carried by her teacher and was crying her little eyes out. I guess she didn't feel well after all. But four year olds get awfully distracted by the shiny stuff.

So there you go. Day one of the Project 365. It may be a day behind, but whatever. I'm hoping this will get me motivated to blog again! And yes, I know it's supposed to only be one picture each day but...I do what I want! ;-)

Are you doing a Project 365 this year?
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