Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA {Project 365: Day 13}

I'm totally late with this post!

Yesterday was a fun filled day but there was no time for me to sit down and blog. So today is all about playing catch up.

I went out with my Older Sister yesterday morning.

We had recently joined Gold's Gym here in the area, just to find out that the child care sucked. They would let Little Butt play in the room, but if I took Baby N and he needed a diaper, they would get me. If he needed to be fed, they would get me. If the poor boy cried at all, they would get me.

I only went to the gym twice in 2 months because I still needed to figure out child care for Baby N so I could go.

My dear friend Tammy started talking about the YMCA up in NY so I decided to try the one here. My Older Sister and I went on a little tour of the complex and we are ecstatic!

The place is gorgeous! And an extra bonus for me is that since The Hubble is deployed, it's FREE!

While I was there looking around the grounds, I snapped some pictures.

I really want to try Little Butt in soccer so we are going to join before the end of the month. I can't wait to take her there and let her play with the other kids.

After running errands, I ended the day hanging out with The Hubble's best friend, his wifey, and another good friend of ours.

This is the first time they were able to meet Baby N.

We went out to Luigi's...again...and ended the night doing Dance Central 2 on the Kinect and drinking wine.

It was a great time and I'm glad we did it...even if some of us girls (including me) cried into our wine at a certain point. But sometimes that just needs to happen.

How was your evening?
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