Friday, January 13, 2012

So Many Books {Project 365: Day 12}

I know this is goofy...but I seriously cannot believe I have blogged for so many days in a row.

I think I really like this. ;-)

Last night was a rough night. I had the hardest time going to sleep. Then around 1:45am I heard some banging type noise and ended up wandering the house for about 20 minutes checking locks and looking out windows. It took me forever to get back to sleep. Then, Baby N woke up at 5am. We got up and I fed him. I was rocking him and I literally ended up falling asleep in the chair with him. So we went back to bed.

I didn't get my workout in and I feel like a slug.

I also haven't made the best food choices this week. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I think I'm going to gain. Blah.

But what can you do?? We all have bad weeks. We just have to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and get back on. I'll get it done.

I went to my mom's work today during lunch to do a Body by Vi tasting. It was a lot of fun. I ended up making a Butterfinger shake, an Orange Pomegranate shake, and my new favorite, a Vanilla Latte shake. We all sat around and drank shakes and talked. It was nice.

This evening was my book group meeting.

We met at a local Italian restaurant.

The food was really delicious!

Every time I eat at a really yummy, local restaurant, I find myself wishing that The Hubble could be there with me. He definitely appreciates these little hole in the wall places as much as I do.

And what is a book club without a book??

We read the book Sold by Patricia McCormick. It's a teen book so it was an easy, fast read. But boy did it pack a punch.

My mom didn't have time to read the book so I was trying my best to explain it to her in detail. By the time I told her the end, I had tears in my eyes. I hadn't realized that the book instilled such an emotional response in me.

I had an enjoyable time. I'm so grateful to have met such an amazing group of ladies. This book group is awesome.

So now I'm stuffed, happy, and well read. LOL! The kiddos are sleeping and it's 10pm.

I've recently started Rob Lowe's bio for my Goodreads Book Group so I think I'll go get ready for bed and curl up with Rob Lowe for a bit before sleepy time.

Are you part of a book group? Are you a member of a different kind of group?
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