Thursday, January 5, 2012

Le Sigh {Project 365: Day 3}

Yesterday, I took Baby N back to the doctor for a follow up after doing a few breathing treatments with him.

The doctor said he sounded much better but to continue treatments. If he is still wheezing on Monday I need to take him back in. But the doctor doubts that he will need to come back for this.

He seemed to be feeling a lot better but my Baby Sister and I definitely thought he needed some extra love.

Actually, my Baby Sister just really loves the boy and can't get enough of him. She makes me give him over to her. It's kind of cute. They are totally BFF's.

Little Butt had a pretty good day too. She's working on getting back into the swing of school again after her couple week break.

She was in her room playing at one point so I walked in and asked what she was doing. She was cleaning her ponies. She's so cute!

That was really our day in a nutshell. We didn't do too much yesterday. How was your day?
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