Sunday, January 15, 2012

Korea House {Project 365: Day 14}

Today was somewhat bittersweet. 

The Hubble's best friend and wifey left. I was quite sad to see them go. The time together was definitely not long enough. But they have a baby to get back to so what can you do??

The good thing that happened today is that I found an awesome Korean restaurant!!

I just love living in the Austin area. Everything is at my fingertips. But I do have to do a little searching and finding the right place.

So far, I have found a fantastic Vietnamese place, an amazing Indian place, and now a delicious Korean place.

I'm still looking for a stellar Chinese place but I'm confident it will come. Oh, and I need a good Mediterranean place too. I just have to keep searching. 

My Older Sister and I packed up our 4 year olds and went in search of this place, Korea House. It was actually kind of hard to find. It was in the center of this shopping complex. You cannot find it if you are in your car. You have to walk through the buildings to find it. It was a nice little hole in the wall kind of place.

The BEST thing about going to a new restaurant is trying a bit of everything...of course! We definitely ordered way too much food.

We even added sushi on top of that.

Even the kids stuffed themselves silly...and even asked for more fish cakes at the end!

We pretty much had to waddle out of that place. But it was worth it.

Right outside the restaurant is a cute little pond with koi fish swimming around.

Naturally, we had to stop for pictures. I love how kids smile in pictures.

But of course, the best ones are when you get the goofy faces.

I am definitely looking forward to going back again. And I cannot wait to take The Hubble there when he gets back too!

Now, my goal for this week is NO MORE EATING OUT! I can do it!

Have you found any new restaurants lately?
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