Monday, December 19, 2011

Dressed and Ready

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas! Can you??

I mean, seriously! It's less than a week away!

Where the heck has this year gone???

I decorated the house the weekend after Thanksgiving (after we got back from, the DAY after) but haven't posted about it yet.

I haven't been posting much of anything lately. But I want to fix that.

So, even though I couldn't figure out how to make my pictures consistent with the lighting, I'm still going to share the pictures of the decorations I have up. :-)

My beautiful tree! The pictures don't do it justice and there are now presents under the tree but I love my tree. It is a 7 foot white tree with red, silver, and black decorations. I love, love, LOVE my tree!

The door to my sister's room.

The door to Little Butt's room.

The table in the living room.

Here's a close up of the lantern I made (spray painted).

The walkway from the living room into the dining room.

The hanging light over the dining room table even dressed up for the occasion.

The centerpiece of the dining room table is a candy cane vase that I made. It's sitting on top of a poinsettia mini table runner.

Elfis even made his debut after Thanksgiving! (Don't mind Emeric, he's harmless)

And I can't have a decorated house without a pretty wreath on the front door. So I made this one to match my tree. :-)

So that's the walk through my Christmas house. I figured you guys didn't need pictures of lights around the windows. And I'm not about to get on a ladder outside and put up lights. So that's about it.

I hope you enjoyed it!!

Have you decorated for the holidays? Do you go crazy or subtle?
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