Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom's Day 2011 Weekend Recap

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Please don't yell at me! I know this post is super duper late...like a couple weeks right?? 

But better late than never??

At least I'm finally getting around to it.

Mom's Day over here was kind of more like a weekend. 

Saturday, we were invited out to a small town called Taylor, TX. We have some friends who live out there and the town was having their annual street fair. We thought it sounded like a grand time so we jumped at the chance to go. 

We went and picked up our friends and headed over to Main street. We bought some tickets for Little Butt. 

First stop! The pony rides! 

Every girl should ride a pony at some point in their lives right?? Little Butt loved animals and she had a freaking blast on this pony. And yes...this is the exact one she chose.

She had this huge smile plastered on her face for the entire ride! It was really adorable. She was in her own little heaven right there.

After the pony ride, it was into the little animal petting area. They had ducks, goats, sheep, potbellied pics and a resting pony. At first Little Butt didn't quite know what to do. She was a little timid.

She saw the pony in the back corner. She approached and sized up her prey...

Then she moved in for the kill.

Success!!! All was well until...

She was ambushed when she lost situational awareness. Way to NOT secure the perimeter Daddy!

But Little Butt and her opponent quickly sized each other up and came to a truce. All was well. So it was time to move on.

At this point, it was time to procure food! Meat, dipped in batter, fried and eaten from a stick was absolutely on the menu. She loved it and ate almost the entire thing (Daddy ate the rest). After lunch, we ate the most amazing Italian ice EVER! The Hubble and I both chose cherry and blueberry while little butt got blueberry and watermelon. (I may or may not have sent The Hubble back to get me another one after we had made it back to our friend's house. What?? I'm pregnant. What can I do??)

After we ate we made our way over to the jumping balloon area. Little Butt, of course, wanted to go on the biggest slide in all the land. This slide had to have been a couple stories high. She swiftly climbed the stairs, reached the top, looked down the slide and started crying. She refused to slide down the slide and just stood there screaming while other kids passed her by. 

I would have had sympathy for her if I didn't know her better. She is a daredevil of a kid and I knew if she just went down once she would be hooked. The nice girl who was taking tickets went up to slide down with Little Butt. (We tried to convince the girl to just push the kid down the slide but she didn't feel right about that. Blah!)

So Little Butt and the girl went down the slide. At the bottom, Little Butt's first response was "I want to do it again!" 

So they went up and slid down again...

And again. By this point we figured we would leave the poor girl alone so we went to find something a bit more fit for Little Butt's size.

And we did! We found one that was perfect for her! She jumped and played in this jump house for quite some time.

Then we finished our time at the street fair with a train ride for Little Butt. 

She had an absolutely blast there. Us adults had fun too...except for me afterward when I realized I had the worst sunburn I've ever had in my life!

We went back to our friend's house. The Hubble and Little Butt took off to get us some dunch (dinner/lunch) and he brought me home an edible arrangement bouquet!! Woohoo! I've only been wanting one for about 4 years. But hey...better late then never right?? The fruit was so juicy and delicious.

And naturally, Little Butt went for a chocolate covered strawberry before anything else.

A face only a mother could love...LOL!!

Saturday came to a close shortly thereafter.

On Sunday, Mother's Day, the day I was supposed to rest and do nothing...I decided to host a brunch for my mom, older and younger sisters and my niece. 

The spread was amazing and everyone was super full. We ended up inviting the Dad's over as well and we played games all day then ordered pizza for dinner that night. It was super fun, but I was exhausted by the end of the whole thing.

So that's my Mom's Day extravaganza in a nutshell. 

Did you do anything to celebrate Mother's Day? Either for yourself or your own mom?

Thanks for bearing with me through this long post!
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