Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Confession and My Song of the Week

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I have a confession to make (besides the fact that I didn't realize that it's Thursday and I almost missed the song linky this week). may judge me. may unfollow me. 

You may even pretend to have never heard of me before.

I'm okay with all of this. I need to get this off my chest.



Here goes....


Oh gosh....Just say it!!

I watch American Idol!!!


I feel so much better.

Judge away! 

I've never been into American Idol that much. I never watched it when it first came on. It just didn't appeal to me.

When I was visiting my father a couple years ago, he had several episodes on his DVR and I ended up watching them with him. 

But, you know how you start a show and you start to feel for the people on it, then you have to know what's going to happen???

Yeah...that was me. I ended up going home and setting my DVR to record the show as well.

I watched the season that David Cook won (love him!) and the one that Adam Lambert DIDN'T win (hate him!).

Then the show just fell off the radar for me. 

Until this season. I was very curious about Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler being judges. So I started watching again.

I have to say, I think there has been some amazing talent on this show this season. (Although I'm disappointed in the top 3)


A couple weeks ago, Haley Reinhart sang a song I had never heard before. 

Let me tell you...I was completely blown away by this song! I loved it and haven't been able to get it out of my head ever since.

I was pleasantly surprised when we were over at a friend's house and he had the original (and some other versions) in his collection! And come to find out, he had gifted the song to The Hubble several years ago. Score!!

So now, I have the song and I can listen to it all the time. 

And because I love the song so much, I thought I would share it for this week's song linky party. And don't forget, if you want to participate in the fun, head over to Goodnight Moon and link up your song of the week!

Now, without further is my song!

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