Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My New Name is Nancy

Hi all! I'm baaaaaa-aaaaaaack!!!

Did you miss me??? I missed you guys!

I want to thank all the amazing bloggers who helped me out during our move. I really needed it and greatly appreciate all your help!

And hello to all my new readers! ::waves enthusiastically:: HI!!!! Thanks for coming to hang out with me!

This move, it seems, has been nothing but trouble. Blah!

I don't want to be a Negative Nancy but I'm just totally annoyed with this whole process this time. It seems like if we didn't have bad luck right now, we wouldn't have any luck at all.

I'm sure most of you know about the car trouble we had a couple months ago. For those of you who didn't read about it and don't want to, here's the gist. About a month, 2 car care places and $2,400 later...my car was finally fixed and running great. When we FINALLY got it back fixed, it felt like the happiest day of my life and a little too good to be true.

So here is how the move went down:

Friday night: The Hubble drove 2 1/2 hours to St. Louis to pick up his parents while I stayed up until 11pm working on Little Butt's birthday cake (the birthday post is coming soon to a screen near you).

Saturday morning: We wake up and start packing. I finish up the cake and we, somehow, pull off Little Butt's birthday party. After the guests left, back to packing.

Earlier in the week, we called to confirm our U-Haul reservation and no one could find it. We finally track down a truck the size we needed and it was in town! We thought we were golden, until Saturday morning when we were supposed to pick it up and the owner of the shop called to say the guy who had the truck couldn't unload it. He promised he'd call us if he got the truck in by noon when he closed. Around 1pm, just as The Hubble was about to call a place in Springfield (an hour and a half away) the guy called and said he had the truck. Woohoo! Saved!

So The Hubble and his dad ran and picked up the truck before the party started.

Luckily, the party went off without a hitch and Little Butt had a great time!

Sunday: loading of the truck and more packing. The Hubble was very excited to see that everything fit in the truck. He was worried we wouldn't have enough room. But it all fit and was all good.

Monday was clean, clean, clean and finishing up the packing. The Hubble needed to mow the lawn as well. His dad ran to the gas station to get gas for the mower. He came back shortly afterward and informed us that The Hubble's car would not turn off. The key was stuck in the ignition and wouldn't do anything. They took it to the shop. Awesome right?? We were heading out Wednesday morning and had to put the car in the shop.

We also needed to get the carpets professionally cleaned (the cleaner was ONLY 4 hours late). But, we finally got the house done and we were able to relax for the evening.

Tuesday was the walk through with the landlord. It went well. And $400 later, we picked up The Hubble's car. We were now able to breathe a sigh of relief.

In the midst of all of this, The Hubble was desperately trying to track down his orders (that he STILL doesn't have).

We left Wednesday morning and everything worked out getting down here. We arrived Thursday afternoon, quickly got the keys to the house and ran out here to wait for the gas guy to turn on our gas before the long weekend. (It was Easter weekend).

The guys swiftly unloaded the truck then ran to turn it back in. We've been doing great unpacking. We are almost done, down to the libraries really.

We had to get both of our cars RE-inspected because Texas is nationalized and does not recognize Missouri state inspections. No problem.

We thought we were in the clear until yesterday when I walked outside and found out my tire was very flat. The Hubble took it in today and it is an irreparable flat. So now, we either replace 2 tires to fix the one or bite the bullet and replace them all since it's the OTHER 2 that really need replacing.

While The Hubble is on the phone getting tire quotes, I'm here complaining about the whole situation. I just feel tired about it all.

And let's not even get into the Tricare stuff. Having to switch regions and see a PCM (primary care manager) just to get a referral to see and OB so I can get in to get this baby checked on.

Someone please tell me why we decided to do this again!!! Oh yeah...because I wasn't interested in staying in the middle of nowhere Missouri while The Hubble deployed and I had a baby. Being close to family was more appealing.

Oh yeah...and we are STILL waiting for The Hubble's orders. For the last year, we've been tracking that he's going to school in DC before deploying. Last week, we found out he's not going to DC...he's going to Tampa. So all the work he had done on his orders has to be re-done to get the right orders.

BUT...I should count my blessings right?? After all of this I start to think of all he devastation that has happened lately. At least I have a family and a home to be annoyed with right??

Okay. I'm done. Let's leave this off with a little cuteness. Little Butt really enjoyed packing the U-Haul.

She even had the perfect boots on to help right??

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