Friday, May 13, 2011

Little Butt's 4th Birthday and Her Current Song

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Now that we are a bit more settled around here, I can finally write Little Butt's 4th birthday post!

I can't believe my baby girl is getting so big.

It's crazy to see her doing things on her own (even though she's always been insanely independent).

She is just this little person now. We have these conversations that just blow my mind.

And though her birthday is about a month in our rear view, I'm finally getting around to writing her birthday post. But you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see the cake I made right?? LOL!

So here's how things went down.

On her actual birthday we took some cupcakes and juice boxes to her daycare for all her friends to enjoy. We took her to lunch at her favorite Missouri restaurant, Bulgogi House, and we gave her Tangled on DVD that day.

We had planned to do a swim party the weekend after her birthday (right before we were supposed to move) but we procrastinated too long called too late and the indoor pool in the area was already booked up.

So, naturally, I went to Facebook and asked if anyone had any Plan B's lying around that they weren't using.

A friend of mine came to our rescue with Kindermusik! This friend is a Kindermusik teacher and she did birthday parties. AWESOME!

She even made the theme of the music dinosaur themed (Little Butt LOVES dinosaurs). I'm so grateful because all the kids had a great time with this.

There was dancing, singing and musical instrument playing.

They played with a big tarp. They were supposed to move it up and down and pull it over their heads at certain points in the song...

But Little Butt ran into the center, underneath the tarp whenever everyone came down. She freaking loved it!

However, every time it was supposed to get back up, they had to stop so she could get the handles of her side back in her little hands. Oh well...she had a blast!

After the Kindermusik fun, it was time for cake!

Are you ready to see the cake that took me about 2 days to make??

There it is! Crazy right?? The "grass" is a funfetti box cake. And the dinosaur body is a ginger lime poundcake.

Look how happy the little dinosaur is!

And Little Butt definitely loved her cake. So did everyone else!

After cake, it was present time. She got some clothes, a MobiGo and a bunch of dinosaurs.

All in all, I would say she was pretty excited about her birthday celebrations. She didn't even miss the pool. And all the dinosaurs she got were just awesome for her!

And seeing as how this is Little Butt's birthday post, I thought for today's song link up I would share Little Butt's current favorite song. (And yes, she requests this song every time we get in the car and she sings it throughout the day)

Don't forget...if you want to participate in the song link ups, head over to Goodnight Moon and have fun!

Okay. Here's my girl's song:

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