Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life vs. Death: The Vue Edition

In 2004, The Hubble and I moved up to NY. We lived in Syracuse and he had to commute to Ft. Drum every day (68 miles, one way).

We made this sacrifice because I worked in Syracuse and we figured that when he deployed it would be easiest for me to be closest to work.

When we arrived in NY we owned one car. We thought we would have a little time, but come to find out we both had to be to work about a week after we moved up there.

So we ended up having to quickly purchase a vehicle for me.

It was a toss up at the time between the Honda CR-V and the Saturn Vue. Well...Saturn was open on Sunday and Honda was not. We got the Saturn Vue.

This was our first large purchase together and we were ecstatic.

We felt like we were finally adults. I mean, we purchased our own car! Without our parent's help!!

How cool is that???

The roads in Upstate NY are not kind to any vehicle. The insane amount of snow, ice and salt rusts even the most cared for and expensive vehicles.

Let's fast forward now, to 2011.

Holy wow! Have I really had this vehicle for 7 years???


Recently, my poor little Vue has been kind of sick.

He had arthritis and would moan, groan and creak whenever we would drive him.

The brakes kicked back at certain stops.

He had a belt in the engine that squealed in disapproval whenever we started up the Vue.

He needed an oil change and a state inspection.

So we took him to the doctor (in this case, Firestone).

They changed the belt, the oil, the brake pads, and the calipers. They told us the state inspection wouldn't pass unless we replaced the housing of the control arm. We did.

We give Firestone $1300 and drive away in my newly revamped and healthy Vue.

Or not. The brake problem was still occurring. The brakes would kick back every time we stopped.

So we call and take him back. They say the anti-lock brake sensor is going bad. They need to order the part.

They order the part on Saturday, make an appointment for us on Thursday.

The Hubble goes to the appointment on Thursday, waits an HOUR just for them to tell him that the part hasn't arrived yet. It should be there by noon so we should call back then. He calls back. They don't know if the part is in yet. He tells them to call when it arrives. We wait...

Finally, on Monday, The Hubble calls again to inquire about the part. They say it's in. We take the Vue back to them.

They call us a while later and say we can pick up the Vue. We drop another $160. I drive away. As soon as I'm a couple blocks away, the ABS light comes on. Ummm...hello??

We turn around and take it back. They reset the sensor. The Hubble drives away this time. The car is screaming like mad so we turn around again. Take it back. They say come back tomorrow.

The Hubble takes it back the next day and they tell us the ABS sensor is faulty. They need to replace it. They give us another appointment.

At this point, I refuse to go pick up the Vue. What is the point of wasting all that gas money to drive it back and forth?? They can keep it.

So they call us back yesterday. They tell us that they replaced the sensor...again. As soon as the car gets above 25mph the ABS light comes on. They don't know what's wrong. They say there is another party they may have to replace. And oh, by the way, it's another $400 for this part that may or may not fix the problem.

So now I am incredibly frustrated.

We are looking at paying for a move next month and now I'm getting stressed about paying for this damn car.

I told The Hubble that we should have taken it to the dealer (which is the only other option out here in the middle of nowhere) when Firestone made him sit for an hour to tell him they didn't have the part yet. He told me it would be crazy expensive.

Now, he's saying we should take it to the dealer!

So, do we cut our losses and take it to the dealer? Or do we keep messing around with Firestone, who doesn't seem capable of actually fixing the thing??

I'm thinking we will take it to the dealer to get a diagnostic and estimate. If they say the same thing as Firestone we will compare prices.

My older sister says I just need to get a new car. But we want to be without a car payment for at least a year and both our cars are now paid off.


What would you do???

Do we keep trying to bring the Vue back to life? Or just let it die and move on?

I just don't know what to do at this point....
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