Friday, July 1, 2011

A Tale of...Laundry

Once upon a time...I wrote a blog post about laundry.

That was when I introduced you to Bill & Peggy; the family members that almost made The Hubble and me to divorce.

I also explained the right (mine) and wrong (his) ways to fold and put away laundry.


After that post, I was doing laundry with The Hubble...again (don't ask me why I put myself through this kind of torture). I realized that it was going to end in...well...something bad. So I walked away. And he just kind of became in charge of the laundry.

Well, now I have another problem....

The Hubble is gone now. He's not here to do the laundry. And I no longer seem to be capable of doing it myself.

So let me tell you what happens with the laundry nowadays.

The clean laundry stays in the basket. Some days I pour it out onto my bed so I can find something (usually something essential like underwear). Then it goes back into the basket when it's time for bed.

If I do actually sort the laundry, it ends up in a neat pile on top of something, like the new pack 'n play I bought for Baby  N.

And the other problem, if you notice on the floor next to the pack 'n play box...

And the pile of clothes here on the floor next to the laundry basket...

And the pile of clothes on The Hubble's nightstand...

Since my laundry basket is full of clean clothes, I find varied and interesting places to hold my dirty laundry.

I guess I need to find my stride and figure out how to do laundry again huh??

Is there a household chore you have trouble figuring out how to do on your own when your soldier is gone??? Or am I the only one here???
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