Friday, April 8, 2011

And The Verdict Is....

Why hello there. Happy Friday!!

I'm here to reveal some results to ya.

Last week, I posted about Baby N and how everyone should take a guess about the gender.

The poll I set up had 8 votes: 5 girl. 3 boy.

In the comments we had 7 votes girl and 3 votes boy.

Now, some of the comments may also be poll results but I'm showing you what people have said.

The Hubble has been adamant from day ONE that this is a girl.

Little Butt has been adamant that Baby N is her sister.

Many of my friends have said boy and some have said girl.

The Chinese Birth Chart says girl.

In the beginning, yes...I bought a pink bib. It never occurred to me that I would have anything BUT a girl.


In the last couple months I kept telling The Hubble that he needed to stop believing it was a girl.

I kept asking him if my intuition was kicking in, or maybe my fears were manifesting themselves into believing that Baby N is not a girl.

So...who was right??

Was my intuition correct???

Or was I just being swayed by the many people who said boy??

We went to the ultrasound and the technician spent a good 10-15 minutes doing tests and things. Measurements and whatever else they do.

Then she turned the screen so I could see. 

The Hubble remarked on the fact that Baby N is more docile than Little Butt was. Little Butt practically flipped off the technician. Seriously. We have the picture of her fist to prove it.

Baby N literally yawned while we were watching. This baby just hung out...sucking on the itty bitty thumb.

Baby N's legs were crossed at the ankles so the technician had to do a  lot of moving around and searching.

Still...Baby N just chilled.

Then we saw it....

There was really no mistaking....

It was a penis and scrotum!!!!

Yes, that's right.


I grabbed The Hubble's shoulders and tried not to freak out.

The technician told me she could be wrong.

I asked how long she'd been doing this job: 25 years.

I asked if she thought she was wrong: no.

I asked her what percentage she was sure: 85-90%.

So there you have it....

If this lady is right, and I think she is because we definitely SAW it....

We are having a BOY!!!!

Photo by L*u*z*A*
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