Sunday, April 17, 2011

On the Road Again...Almost

Here I a  hotel room...

The last few days have been a complete whirlwind of activity. As I sit here, I find myself not knowing what to do with so much down time.

The Hubble is back at the house doing a bit more work before calling it a day, but he dropped Little Butt and me off at the room so we could rest and get ready for tomorrow.

Wednesday was Little Butt's birthday. The Hubble met as for a bulgogi lunch (yes, that was Little Butt's choice of cuisine). She got the movie Tangled that day for her birthday, so of course, her and I had to order pizza that night and watch it. It was a great girl's night while The Hubble had a work event to attend.

Thursday, Little Butt and I ran around all morning and some of that afternoon getting her 4 year checkup, immunizations and grabbing some groceries. That evening, I started on her birthday cake (I'll be posting pictures of this crazy cake once we get settled in Texas).

Friday was full of packing and cake decorating. The Hubble and I achieved as much as we could within the limited amount of time he had between him getting off of work and having to drive 2 hours down to St. Louis to pick up his parents from the airport.

I worked on Little Butt's cake from about 5pm to 11pm. I was able to get most of it done but had to get up and finish things up the next day.

Saturday, we had Little Butt's birthday party. We had a dinosaur themed Kindermusik session for her. I didn't even know Kindermusic people did birthday parties. But hey...Little Butt and her friends had a blast!

The party didn't end until about 7pm, then it was work, work, work! I have no idea what time we finished up last night but I know I'm tired today!

We got up at 8am today and started working again. We literally did not stop moving until about 5:30pm when we finally called it quits to go get some dinner.

After dinner, The Hubble's parents went to their hotel, The Hubble dropped off Little Butt and me and he headed back to the house to get more work done.

Which brings us back full circle.

I can't believe we have already been here a year! It was a year ago that Little Butt played in these boxes:

How is it that we are moving again already??

Oh well...on to bigger and better things I guess.

For the next couple weeks, you will be being kept company by some really great bloggers while I'm off doing all this crazy moving stuff. Give them lots of love and make them feel welcome please!

Next time I type to you, I hope to be in Texas! Wish us luck!!
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