Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun Day at the Park

With the 40 degree weather today, you would have never known that this weekend was absolutely gorgeous!

Well, wait...

I speak/type too soon.

This weekend wasn't gorgeous...SATURDAY was gorgeous. Sunday, the wind was so intense that I thought our roof would blow off our house any minute!

Growing up in the Army, I've had my fair share of different climates and weather. 

BUT...in these different places, you knew what to expect.

In Oklahoma, it was hot and humid...ALL THE TIME.

In Washington State it rained...ALL THE TIME.

In Texas it was sunny and warm...ALL THE TIME.

In Upstate New York it snowed...ALL THE TIME.

Here...in the Middle of Nowhere Midwest, there's no telling what you will get from day to day. 

To say it's frustrating is putting it mildly. 

Needless to say, when we get a (rare) nice day around here, we take advantage of it!

While I ran off to spend money at a Pampered Chef party, The Hubble took Little Butt to the family fun day at the child care center Little Butt goes to. 

They had such a blast! (Even though there was a LOT bit of drama over a lost hair tie The Hubble didn't put in tight enough).

After the party, I wanted to enjoy the gorgeous 70-something degree weather as well so I met them at the park. 

The most important thing on Little Butt's agenda at the park was to conquer the climbing of the slide.

Now, I believe that slides are meant for going down, not up...but The Hubble thinks there should be no rules a the park. 

So...I watched Little Butt in her struggle to conquer her newest foe.

Here she sits upon the slide. Contemplating her strategy.

She figured the best way to achieve her goals was to use the dividers as a holding point.

Trying so hard! Almost there!

Alas...she falls. 1 point slide, 0 points Little Butt.

But it's not the way you fall...it's the way you get back up. So again she climbs, this time with a two handed, center of the slide strategy.

NOOOOO! Foiled again!

Okay. This time she is determined. She uses everything in her power to fight her way to the top.

She knows this is a journey only she can take. She climbs alone...

And finally! She is victorious!!! She has slain the beast!

With just a little help from Daddy. We wish you a great week with wonderful weather!!!
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