Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Gender Guessing Time!!!

It's time to play the gender guessing game!!

On Saturday I will be 20 weeks pregnant. 

On Monday I go in for my ultrasound and will HOPEFULLY find out the gender of this baby.

The Hubble and I have been discussing (at length) the differences between this pregnancy and my last (with Little Butt).

I told him recently how I feel like this pregnancy is taking forever whereas, with Little Butt it seemed to go by so quickly. Of course, that could also be because I didn't realize I was pregnant with Little Butt until about 6 weeks in and this one I knew in, like, week 2. So I had a pretty good head start last time.

When I was pregnant with Little Butt I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we were having a girl. There was no question in my mind.

This different. But it wasn't early on.

(And yes, I do know that they say every pregnancy is different)

When I first found out, we went to Babies R Us to get a shirt for Little Butt. We were going to visit family the next month so our plan was to iron on letters to a plain shirt for Little Butt. The shirt said on the front "Big Sis" and the back said "Aug 11." We figured she could just wear the shirt to each family's houses and we would wait until our families noticed. Cute right??

Anyway, I digress.

So, the point of that part is that when we were at Babies R Us I saw a cute little we bought it. We figured it was a cute item to buy as the baby's first gift. It took me several months to realize that the cute little skull and crossbones bib we pink!

It did not even occur to me that the baby may be a boy. Crazy right??

Well, when we went on our roadtrip through Texas, I started to doubt the girl thing. 

With my cravings and everything, EVERYONE kept telling me this baby is going to be a boy.

So now, I'm bringing this to you. 

I will post a run down of the similarities and differences of both pregnancies and you can cast your vote (check out the poll on the right hand sidebar).

Let's start with cravings.

This pregnancy is CRAZY different as far as cravings go.

With Little Butt I craved fried fish (which I normally hate), strawberry milkshakes and plain m&ms (I usually ONLY eat the peanut m&ms).

With Baby N I am craving fresh fruits, cold juicy veggies like celery and milk. 

Good God! The milk thing is INSANE. Usually, I only 'drink' milk when it's in cereal. And I never actually drink it. Now, I can't get enough of the stuff. I finish a gallon of milk (by myself) about every 3 days.

With Little Butt, I couldn't stay away from my beloved coffee. This time, I haven't really wanted any coffee at all. I've been wanting tea. Within the last week I've been having a small cup of coffee maybe every other day or so.

The one craving that is the same as it was with Little Butt is Asian food. 

With Little Butt we started frequenting a place called Tokyo Seoul up in Syracuse. It got to the point that the owners knew us and were excited when Little Butt was born. We went there so often that when Little Butt would come in with us, the owner would take her so The Hubble and I could eat. She would take Little Butt around the restaurant to say hi to the other patrons.

Now, we don't have Tokyo Seoul but we go to a place called Bulgogi House AT LEAST once a week. I can't get enough!! Little Butt is a champion sushi and Asian food eater so she asks for bulgogi fairly often as well (of course, she grew up eating sushi and Asian food).

So...are my cravings because I wasn't so healthy before I got pregnant with Little Butt and I had been eating well for about 2 years before getting pregnant this time? Or is it because this is a boy?

Other than the cravings, there aren't many differences. My hips still hurt at night when I sleep. I don't have morning sickness, nor did I with Little Butt.

It's taking me longer to "feel" pregnant this time, but that could just be the 4 week head start with Little Butt.

I was absolutely EXHAUSTED the ENTIRE first trimester with this one, whereas I didn't even know with Little Butt for a while. But I was working when I was pregnant with Little Butt so maybe I didn't have time to be tired??

I just don't know.

So you tell me...what do you think??

PS. I'll be back next Friday to let you all know what we find out.

PPS. The Hubble and Little Butt are absolutely convinced it's a girl.

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