Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Packing While Fat Sucks

Today, I was going to write about how I haven't really been sleeping lately.

I used to have insomnia pretty bad...but since I got pregnant I've just been crazy tired...CONSTANTLY.

I think it's the pain in my legs that are preventing me from sleeping. And that whole "needing to pee every 5 minutes" thing.

This morning I woke up and my right leg hurt SO bad! I rolled over on my left side and went back to sleep.

That is...until I heard Little Butt downstairs crying her eyes out.

She didn't see me behind my pillow and thought I was gone. She was so upset...poor thing.


I'm not writing about all that today.

Today, I want to write about packing.

Really...the lack of packing that I'm doing lately.

See...we are moving...next week...and our house is not packed.

We don't have orders so the Army is not financing or covering this move in any way since it's a personal move and not Army sanctioned.

No big deal, we usually do DITY (do it yourself) moves anyway.

But this time...I'm huge!

Don't believe me??? Look!

See?? I told you! You still don't believe that I'm really huge?? Here's a close up!


See??? That's what I'm saying!

And let's put things in perspective here. Those boobs...they're 40F! That's right...size humongous!

And I'm only 21 weeks! Lord help me!!

I'm frustrated because I can't move as quickly or as easily as I would like to. I have this solid mass preventing me from bending up and down to pack boxes and pick things up.

I can't move any of the boxes that I pack anyway.

And to top it all off...The Hubble is in class this week. So he's no help.

He tries to be. But he had something last night, and he's gone all night on Wednesday (Little Butt's birthday, of course).

I'm doing what I can, but it's slow going. And I'm tired. Remember that whole "not sleeping" thing?? Yeah.

The Hubble has been really great though. He's encouraging instead of annoyed when he comes home after a full day of work to find out I've only packed 2 boxes (both being full of my shoes).

At least they were large boxes right?? (Although they are 2 large boxes FULL of my shoes!)

We have to get the packing done by Friday because his parents fly in to drive the UHaul for us that night. Then we have Little Butt's birthday party on Saturday (and she's asked me to make some crazy cake that will take me at least 2 days to make). We pack the truck on Sunday, do all the cleaning Monday, have the final walk through on Tuesday and out on Wednesday.

And let's go ahead while we're at it and throw a couple doctor's appointments in there shall we?? I mean...just for fun.

Well...I guess it's either laugh or cry.

No matter what...it has to get done. Who wants to come help??
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