Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Hearts and Sunshine

I don't know how things like this happen....


Amanda over at Combat Boots & Diamond Rings has bestowed this lovely award upon me.

I'm not really sure how since I've been a complete slacker lately!

And when I do post, it's usually me whining or complaining about being fat or uncomfortable or something.

But hey...who am I to complain?? Oh wait! That's what I do lately!!

So let me just say....

Thank you Amanda!!! You rule! And this brings a bit of sunshine into my life as well. And we all know we need it right??

Well...maybe not since I now live in central Texas and it's sunny All. The. Time!

I do realize I've been absent a lot lately. And I do hate it.

It seems that I only have so much energy lately and it's been being used up for swim and dance lessons for Little Butt lately.

What was I thinking putting her in both types of classes during my last month of pregnancy??

I don't know...temporary insanity maybe??

Anyway. I have wanted to post for a while now so let me at least update you on the cardiology thing.

My cardiology appointment was last Wednesday.

The night before, I looked up the directions and found out it was off the street that the IHOP I went to recently was on. So I figured I knew around about where it was.

No big deal right??

I left the house about 30 minutes early for a 15 minute drive. I like to be early to the first appointment.

Well, I drove all over the street in and around the IHOP and I could not find this place for the life of me!

I ended up finally calling the place and telling them I had an appointment but couldn't find them.

They tried to give me directions but I've only lived here for 3 months so it all sounded Greek to me.

So I called my older sister for tech support.

She looked everything up for me and tried to guide me in.

The crappy thing about Austin is that every street has 2-3 names. It's frustrating.

When on the phone with my sis, I realized that the main street I was on was ALSO the same street that I was looking for. I also found out that I was on the East side of the street and I needed the West side.

So...I finally made it....late. But whatever. I made it...and only slightly on the verge of tears.

I go upstairs, check in and get my paperwork.

I had to pee something fierce but figured I could do that after I finished the paperwork.


They called me before I was finished filling everything out.

I got weighed (YIKES!) and told the girl I had to go and she waited for me to go empty my poor aching bladder.

Then we went into a room and I laid down on the table. The nurse proceeded to place a bunch of tape all over my chest, arms, belly and ankles. Then she attached all the cords. I found out later this was an EKG. Who knew???

As she was hooking me up, we were talking. I ended up mentioning how The Hubble was off playing with the Army and the tears I had been holding in since driving up and down the wrong side of the street finally came out.

I felt kind of foolish...but what could I do??

I pulled myself together and we finished up.

I then moved into another room to wait for the doctor.

Now, let me just tell you people, I feel as though I'm living on the set of Grey's Anatomy the Austin Edition or something.

All of my doctors have been gorgeous! My OB is this cute little thing who was nothing but belly. She had her baby last month so I've been seeing her partner who is absolutely gorgeous as well. They are both stunning women.

I thought it was just that practice...but no!

I go to see this cardiologist and he walks in and he was hot! He had a shaved head, cafe au lait colored skin and beautiful green eyes!

Not only are all the doctors I've been seeing hot, but they are also young. How did I get so lucky???

Anyway. He looked at my numbers and we did some talking.

Apparently anemia (low iron) helps contribute to a higher heart rate. As does pregnancy in general.

He didn't seem TOO amazingly concerned about my numbers.

My heart rate and blood pressure were great that day and I guess the EKG came out okay.

He did want me to buy a blood pressure cuff, take my blood pressure and heart rate every day for three weeks, then go back to see him.

However, he did tell me I was not allowed to have any coffee until Baby N comes.

Small sacrifice right??? At least...that's what I keep telling myself!

So that's it so far. I'm being a good girl and taking my blood pressure daily (or when I remember) and I'm staying away from coffee (though that's a struggle).

But at least Baby N and I are doing okay.

Okay. That's all for today. Hopefully I'll post again before another week or 2 goes by.
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