Monday, September 27, 2010

What the Deuce???

Many of you may not know this but...I have a crazy obsession with makeup. It's pretty bad actually.

I am a member of Sephora's Beauty Insider club. What's that I am a V.I.B. That means, I spend at least $350 per year at Sephora.

Yes, I know. I alredy admitted it was a problem didn't I??

What's more is that I cannot walk into a Dillard's or Macy's without hitting the MAC counter. Oh I love me some MAC.

Here in the middle of nowhere I don't wear makeup as often as I do when I'm living in a big city. It's just so out of place here. But I love the stuff.

Even though I have this obsession...and I know children emulate their would think that I wouldn't have been shocked when Little Butt came to me looking like this:

Oh Little Butt...what did you do???

Can you hear my sigh of despair and the resounding "uh-oh"???

At this investigation got under way.

Oh no!!! Not my favorite Urban Decay palette!!!

My new MAC bronzer, my favorite Stila eyeshadow (luckily that was already empty) and another MAC eyeshadow...

It sure looks like Little Butt was having a good time doesn't it???

How are kids so fast?

She was only gone for a few minutes!

These little guys ended up on the floor somehow...

How could my beautiful little girl do this??

Did she have help??

Could she have possibly thought of this all on her own?

NO! She had an accomplice I see...

Mickey. The mastermind behind this destruction I'm sure!

He corrupted my poor innocent little girl and convinced her to do the unthinkable!

Though the guilt and evidence may be written all over Little Butt's face....

That evil smirk isn't fooling me Mickey! You better watch yourself Mouse. I will get even...oh yes, I will get my revenge!!!
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