Thursday, September 30, 2010

High Class, Leopard Prints, and Loveliness

So last Friday we went to the class Dining Out/Formal/Ball (please ignore my fatty McFatterson bingo arms!).

It was an okay night. I definitely recycled a dress that I wore about 6 years ago (since I've gained weight I fit in it again) but whatever.

We dropped Little Butt at a friend's house so she could play with her BFF Z-man for the night. She got to play outside for a while and had a blast. At one point I received a text message from J telling me that the kids went into the shed to get toys. Z-man grabbed his bike. Little Butt?? She grabbed...

A leopard print broom of course! I mean...what kid wouldn't want one of those right??? I figure she's my daughter so anything leopard print would catch her eye. That's my girl!

Oh...and do you notice her new princess shoes?? They are pink and sparkly and she picked them out herself. We went into Payless because I wanted to maybe get her some sneakers. She grabbed those off the shelf and put them on right then and there. Then she refused to take them off her feet. I had to pay for the box. I'm just glad she happened to have grabbed the correct size because that would have been awkward.

Anyway. Back to the Dining Out. Since we are in the middle of nowhere I don't know why I was shocked to pull up to the VFW in my pretty ballgown and have to wonder if we were supposed to go in the "bar" side or the "bingo" side. Hmmm...

It was pretty awesome to walk in and see all the locals staring at us in our finery. It was even more awesome when we had moved to the bingo side and had to walk past the karaoke-ing townies to get back outside.

I sat next to a chick who was just downright unhappy the ENTIRE time. I'm guessing that is her default setting but it kind of gets to a person sometimes. Especially if you are generally happy like I am.

What was even more wonderful about this Dining Out was that it was buffet style! We were the last table to go get our food so we got the scraps no one else wanted. No green veggies were left, just corn. And the rolls were nice and...toasted??? LOL! But whatever. My favorite part was that I was in a ball gown and heels carrying my two plates of food (the salad and the meal) back to my table across the room. Neat huh??

Once the formalities were over, we did have a nice time. Especially when the General stood on his head to take a shot and started having beer chugging contests with the guys. We are high class here people! LOL! all honesty, it's pretty neat to see the higher ranking guys being able to connect with the students here. The upside down shots were pretty spectacular and is not something I will forget any time soon.

It was nice to see all my friends dressed up and it was a great night out without Little Butt no matter how "country" the evening was.

When we went to go pick up Little Butt she was fast asleep so we ended up having some wine and watching Lord of the Rings with J and J.

The boys ended up going outside and me and the female J hung out inside and watched an episode of Dexter Season 3. I've watched the first 2 seasons and am trying to get The Hubble into the show. I borrowed the first season from J and I hope to get The Hubble watching it when he graduates this Career Course in a couple few weeks.

While I'm here. Let me also mention that the lovely K over at Uncork and Unwined bestowed upon me this lovely award! (How much are you loving my use of the word "lovely" in this sentence???)

Thanks for this award K! It was very thoughtful of you!

I guess that's it for now. I am about to have a battle with my desperately needs cleaning. Boo-faces!

I hope you all are enjoying this last day of September. See you next month!
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