Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 Goals: August Update

Do you ever set New Year's goals or resolutions for yourself?

I usually don't. I tend to believe that New Year's resolutions only set someone up for failure. However, this year I did set some goals for myself. I had been keeping up with the goals with monthly updates but have gotten out of the habit the last few months. It's time to get back to my goals...

- Make my own sushi
March: Waiting until I have my own kitchen. Already making sushi plans for MO.
April: Still inspired and ready. Need a kitchen but that should happen soon. Have found several recipes
May: I'm finally in MO and have my own kitchen. I think I need to choose a month to get it done. Need to look around grocery stores in the area and find out my seafood options.
June/July/August: Still have not made sushi. Realized the other day I'm running out of time and need to step it up. Have talked about having a sushi night with the girls. I WILL get this done this year.
- Lose the rest of my weight and maintain
March: Currently a work in progress.
April: Am 3 pounds away from original final goal. Will reassess when goal is met.
May: Well, I was a little over 1 pound away from my goal and now I'm like 9 pounds away. Oops! LOL!!
June/July/August: Well. I'm a definite fail here. I am back up to 155-157 and it's annoying. I was at 141 back around April but being here has definitely changed that. I've even been talking about buying bigger jeans. Boo!
- Run a 5K
March: I did not run one but I did walk/run one. Race for the cure on 2/21/2010. Still working up to the 5k.
April: Still working on building up to running a 5k but running has been sporadic.
May: Running has ceased for the moment but I'm glad I walk/ran that one 5k in February.
June/July/August: I've been walking again lately. Running isn't really happening but it needs to. I did the Run for the Fallen last weekend (walked most of it, ran a bit) so that's another 5k but still didn't run the whole thing like I want to.
- Cook (cook more healthy foods and experiment with new recipes)
March: Doing fairly well considering I don't have my own kitchen. Doing what I can.
April: Recently made a delicious and healthy meal for my in-laws (All recipes from this episode). Tried quinoa for the first time: delicious!! Also made lower fat cupcakes for Easter by using applesauce instead of oil.
May: I finally unpacked my cookbooks and magazines and have a grocery list going. I made my first meal in my new home tonight. Penne with Italian sausage and marinara sauce. Yum! (I somehow burned the toast though. :-/ )
June/July/August: I've definitely been cooking a lot more. My food blog is up and running and I'm loving it. However, I could probably make the meals healthier and or stop eating so dang much of it!
- Bake (try new recipes and baked goods, do not eat though, send with O to work/school)
March: I baked a yummy cake recently.
April: Made cake balls, tried a new cake decorating technique, and made cupcakes for Easter.
May: Working on putting together a distance type baking club with some friends. Tres leches cake is on my agenda this month. Also made Little Butt's third birthday cake and a cookie cake.
June/July/August: I've been really good at this! Though I've kind of fallen off a bit lately but I have plans for something soon. I'm thinking this is complete. Will cross off the list.
- Take more cake decorating classes and work on the skill
March: Super proud of my most recent cake but have to wait until I'm settled somewhere long enough to take a class.
April: Bought the Wilton Course 2 kit and booklet. Haven't started on it but have plans!
May: Hoping I will be able to take some more courses here. The nearest store is an hour to an hour and a half away but it is only once a week.
June/July/August: I did it! I've taken the courses! However, the first and second courses have been revamped so I'd like to take them again. But I'm considering this goal completed!
- Do more yoga/pilates and possibly take classes
March: Definitely haven't worked on this at all. I did look for JM's new Yoga Meltdown DVD that came out today but it wasn't at Target. Planning on doing some yoga this week. It's a JM challenge for the week.
April: Ordered JM's Yoga Meltdown DVD from Netflix and tried it. Really enjoyed it! Need to buy it. Had planned to do Pilates today but did other things.
May: Haven't done any since the Netflixed DVD. Was thinking today that I really want to buy that Yoga Meltdown DVD.
June/July/August: Another fail. A friend sent me the Yoga Meltdown DVD but do you think I've done it more than a couple times?? No. Man I suck.
March: Has been sporadic but I haven't stopped completely. Getting back into it.
April: Been using my HRM to track calories burned. Going to focus this week on burning 3500 extra calories each week.
May: Definitely stopped for a bit but started up the 30 Day Shred Challenge today.
June/July/August: I did the 30 Day Shred for 30 days straight and felt awesome. Then I pretty much stopped. I've been going to the track 3 times a week but that isn't enough.
- Define arms
March: Did 800 tricep exercises in one week. Still working on it.
April: Did 100 push ups today. Going to do 100 tricep dips tomorrow. Need to focus on this area still.
May: Haven't worked toward this but hoping the 30 Day Shred Challenge will help.
June/July/August: I'm noticing a theme here because this is another fail. I was doing great when we first got here but have lost it.
- Get swimsuit ready
March: Again...still working on it.
April: Feel back on track. Have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks.
May: Took a hiatus but is hoping the 30 Day Shred will help!
June/July/August: Fail. Fail. Fail. I'm worse off now than before.
- Lose baby belly (flat abs??)
March: Have been trying to run more since that's supposed to be the best for belly fat.
April: Have regained my focus and am working on this. Need to do tons of cardio and ab work. Pilates would be good!
May: Haven't been working on this just yet but I will probably add some more ab work to the 30 Day Shred Challenge because I don't think it offers enough.
June/July/August: Though I probably won't lose the full on baby belly without surgery, it was better. I was excited that I fit nicely into my size 6 jeans with no sucking in or spanx and I felt awesome. Now talking about getting a size 8. Blah.
- Read 60 books (or at least 50 that I've never read before)
March: Have pretty much changed this goal. Not going to focus so much on the quantity, rather the quality of the book.
April: Have now read 8 books so far this year. No longer going to focus on this goal.
- Eat healthier (snacks and meals, more fruits, MORE VEGGIES)
March: Have been incorporating spinach in a ton of food and have definitely been eating more veggies than I usually do.
April: Loving more fruits and vegetables. Have been counting calories and am feeling much better. Even munched on some delicious watermelon with Lilz earlier today.
May: I was doing great and then I took a break. I ate healthy today though and it felt good to be back to it.
June/July/August: Again, was doing great when we first got here but lately it's been nothing but Taco Bell, McDonald's, KFC, etc. Gross!
- Eat "clean" foods
March: Have been cooking more and trying to do less processed foods. Have bought more organic than usual.
April: Still working on this. Need my own kitchen. Would like to grow my own herbs.
May: Fighting The Hubble on this issue currently. Need to change his way of thinking. ;-)
June/July/August: See this update for the above goal. Enough said.
- Take more pictures
March: Pulled out the camera and started taking more pictures.
April: Doing all right here. Not as good as it could be but better. Even took Lily for her very first Easter Bunny picture.
May: The Hubble has taken over the pix taking recently. I'm okay with that though. As long as we have pix I'm happy!
June/July/August: I've taken some pictures. Not as much as I'd like. I take a lot of pictures of food for my food blog. Does that count??
- Blog more
March: Doing good so far I think.
April: I have some things I've been meaning to post but I've done a lot better this year than in previous years.
May: Need to get better at updating my baking/cooking stuff. Should get better once we get the house situated.
June/July/August: Moved from LJ to blogspot. Doing pretty good. Picked up my paper journal the other night too. It felt good to just write.
- Read more self improvement personal development books
March: My next book I have lined up is The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin.
April: Read The Happiness Project, read The Last Lecture, ordered and received a couple parenting books. Making good progress.
May: Have been reading the same book for a few weeks now. I am working on the personal development books. I'm even considering working through (and blogging about) The Artist's Way.
June/July/August: Haven't read any recently. Would like to get back to it.
- Run!!
March: Ran today actually.
April: I run whenever I have a sitter for Lily. Even when I think I'm just going to walk, I end up running instead.
May: Nope. Been sitting instead.
June/July/August: I've been walking. Was trying to do intervals. If I ever get Little Butt into daycare it is on!
- Conquer the push-up (final goal: 100 consecutive push-ups)
March: Need to get back to this.
April: Haven't worked on this yet.
May: For some reason I keep forgetting about this!
June/July/August: Yeah...not so much.
- Embrace Missouri
March: I'm ready. Let's go!
April: Almost there. Talked to a realtor and may have a place set up. If everything goes well, O should be here next week and we will be there by the end of the month.
May: I'm finally here and so far I'm pretty happy. I need to give it more than just a couple days though I'm sure. We'll see. But I'm pretty excited to be here.
June/July/August: I am having a blast! I've met some of the best people ever here. It kind of makes me sad that this is only temporary. Everything is what you make of it. I'm going to say I have conquered this goal!
- Acquire more patience (basically have none so any would be more than I have now)
March: Work in progress.
April: Kind of have to have patience with this "hurry up and wait" game we like to play so much.
May: I think I'm doing okay so far. Give me a little more time with The Hubble and we'll see how it lasts.
June/July/August: Still working on this one. Kind of mandatory given our situation. I get frustrated at times but I'm doing all right I guess. Let's just not ask The Hubble his opinion.
- Acquire running shoes for me
March: Done! Went to a technical store and got my foot fitted for the perfect shoe!
April: No longer a goal since it was completed. Need to make sure I replace my shoes regularly though.
- Acquire new work out clothes
March: Done! I have 2 pants, 3 shirts, 2 sports bras, 2 special socks, and new shoes.
April: Another completed goal. My MIL even gave me some capri workout pants for the warmer weather.
- Do not let fear of the unknown beat me
March: Haven't so far! Even forced myself to go for a walk/run in a new neighborhood because it scared me.
April: This isn't really a goal but I'll leave it as a reminder.
May: I'm here aren't I?? I think I'm doing pretty good with this one!
June/July/August: This is still an awesome reminder. I still have to tell myself this every day.
- Be kind to my body and my self
March: I'm doing pretty good here too.
April: I've refocused on me and what makes me happy. I'm watching my food intake and working out again. Need to get more sleep though.
May: I definitely need to take care of myself again. It started again today. Just a minor blip in the road.
June/July/August: I'm hoping that talking about all my failures of these goals will be my wake up call. What am I doing. Did I feel great after KFC last night? No. I felt disgusting. Get it together woman!
- Play it smart
March: Shins!!! I've definitely been taking care and making sure I do this.
April: Shins have been great! I know better than to screw up now. So I'm going to call this done!
- Continue reading "word a day" calendar
March: Fail. It's in the car and has been since we left NY. I should probably find it and start again.
April: Pulled it out of my car and have been working on it but it's sporadic at best. Getting better though.
May: Hahahaha! Where is that thing anyway??
June/July/August: Again, Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Let me go see what day it's on....I'll be right's on June 26th. I am AWESOME at this!
- Write book reviews!!!
March: Fail! I've thought about it...does that count???
April: Haven't written any reviews that are "publishable" but I wrote a little blurb on the last book I read. I think that's decent.

May: Nope. I've thought about it though, does that count??
June/July/August: Yay! Finally something I can say I've been doing! I've done a couple lately and I do love it so. I don't know why I stop.

Okay. So this month I'm definitely noticing that I've fallen off the wagon quite a bit. I need to get back to my goals and remember what I'm doing. I need to regroup and refocus. I have had enough time sitting and being lazy. There is no reason why I shouldn't be accomplishing and flying past these goals. FOCUS! 
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