Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving So Fast I'm Forgetting My Purpose

I feel like I've been going a mile a minute lately and just need to slow down!

I seriously can't believe that it's been over a week since I have updated my blog. And unfortunately, it has been almost that long since I looked at my Google Reader. 

I just kept ignoring it because I was scared to look and it just got worse and worse. So...I want to apologize to you all. There is probably no way I'm going to be able to read and comment on every blog post that has been published in the last week and a half to 2 weeks. 

So I'll ask you this...has anything really awesome happened in your life? Anything you would like me to know about?? A post you would like me to read? If so, please leave a link in the comments and I will get over there and read it.

So what's been going  on with me lately you ask?? I know, I know. You didn't technically ask...but you are here and so am I (fancy meeting you here) so I'm going to tell you anyway!

I'm going to break it down into days because that will just help me catch up. Hopefully after this catch up post I'll get better about being here with you more often again. So here goes...

Thursday ~ I recently joined a Spouse's Club here at the post and they have a monthly luncheon. Thursday was the first luncheon. My friend C came and picked up Little Butt for play group and to watch her while I went to this luncheon. The luncheon was okay. They charged $10 for a side salad with a thin chicken breast on it and 4 little cream puffs with chocolate and raspberry drizzle for dessert. I left hungry. Some lunch. But it was a decent time so I'll try it out again. They had some clubs for us to join and I thought about joining the book club but I didn't. Don't ask me why not. I may still. We'll see. 

After the luncheon I went to C's house to grab Little Butt. We ended up talking for a while then she extended an invite for dinner since The Hubble would be in class that night. I accepted. Little Butt and I ran to the store and grabbed a fruit tray and headed back. Dinner was delicious and fun. Got home around 9pm.

Friday ~ 2 mile walk in the morning with M. Little Butt and I stopped at the playground afterward. Finished at about 10:30am. Showered and dressed in time for The Hubble to get home. Drove and hour and a half to "town" and met up with some friends for a bit of shopping and dinner. Got home around 10pm.

Saturday ~ Mad dash to clean up the house and cook before our Italian potluck dinner party that started at 4pm. Potluck was a huge success. Tons of delicious food and amazing people. I love those dinner parties and I think they are even better for large groups when you make it a potluck. Then everyone can contribute and lots of recipe ideas are passed around. That ended at about 11:30pm. 

Sunday ~ Pretty chill morning. Bummed around the house and ate leftover pasta and Italian sausage for breakfast. 2 mile walk and playground with B, her daughter Princess, and Little Butt. Home for dinner, tubbies and bedtime.

Monday ~ 2 mile walk with Emily (yay she's back!), playground with Little Butt afterward. Came home, showered. Set up a couple posts for Jolts & Jollies. Spent the entire afternoon and evening baking! 

Tuesday ~ Had a spouse's panel that I was invited to attend. That lasted until the afternoon. Hung out with my friend The Marine's Wife and her son. Ran home to finish up some birthday stuff for B and headed over for a girl's night with Little Butt, Princess, B and me. We had pizza, cookies, cake and sangria and tried to watch a movie. Unfortunately, everyone got a bit tired and we only got about 30 minutes into the movie. So now I desperately need to watch Letters to Juliet so I can say I watched the whole thing. I do love those types of movies. Yes...I know. You don't have to say it. I hang my head in shame. I cannot help myself! I can literally recite the entire Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama movies to you if you would like. Anyway. Got home around 9pm-ish.

Wednesday ~ It was raining so didn't get to go for a walk. C posted on FB about wanting volunteers to join her for breakfast so I jumped at the chance. I am obsessed with Cracker Barrel's Apple Struesel French Toast! Yum! Had breakfast then decided to go to C's house. Ran by the store and grabbed stuff to make dinner. Ended up making it all at C's house and just having The Hubble meet us there. It was SO good. I made this garlic chicken and I tried my first artichoke with Hollandaise sauce thanks to C. Delicious dinner! Got home sometime after 9pm.

Thursday ~ Started reading blogs but had to go to and orientation at CDC (more on that later). After orientation, Little Butt and I went to the library then home around 5pm. The Hubble had to go to class so I made a nice "girl dinner" (meaning no meat) and had a delicious dinner with a glass (or more) of wine. I'll be sharing that dinner on Wednesday over at my food blog.

So that brings us to today. I had to cancel my walk because I had a migraine approaching so I took meds and laid back down for a while. Thankfully that's gone now.

I've been working on my Google Reader for a couple days and it's still in the 100's so I think I'm officially giving up. I'm sitting here with hair color in my hair and writing this update. 

I have a Dining Out/Formal/Ball (whatever you want to call it) tonight so I'll be busy tonight too. Then tomorrow I'm watching Princess so B and her hubby can go on a date. 

Maybe Sunday will allow me some down time?? We'll see.

Anyway. Thanks for getting this far. I just have to remember to breathe. I hope you all had a great week!

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