Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree {Project 365 Days 41 and 42}

So weekends seem to be a problem for me. 

I tend to stay up far too late doing things that I don't end up having time to blog. 

Lately, Baby N has been pretty obsessed with the Christmas tree.

Okay....let's stop right here shall we??


I said Christmas tree.

NO....I have NOT taken it down yet. 

NOR do I have any intention of doing so any time soon.

Call it laziness if you want to. 

But I happen to like the thing and I'm just not interested in taking down any of my Christmas decorations.

Okay. Now that all that is out of the way...

Baby N has been obsessed with the Christmas tree.

He will roll right under it and grab at the branches. I go move him away from the tree. He rolls right back and grabs at the branches.

Yesterday, I decided to finally snap a photo of him going after the tree.

He's like a freaking cat on catnip. He just can't leave the dang thing alone.

Today, I had a bra party. It was all about the boobs baby!!

I love these bras and even went so far as to make....

CUPcakes. Get it?? "Cup" cakes. I thought it was pretty funny. And they were really good.

Anyway. My friend Kellie sells Essential Bodywear and I'm head over heels. I've lost about 17 pounds now so my other bras are too big. Time for new ones!

If you love Essential Bodywear as well, head over to Kellie's site and place an order!

Okay, enough about breasteses...Let's move on to the kids.

I have a question for the moms out there. Since when did they decide that 6 months was time for sippy cups???

When Baby N went for his 6 month check up, the Doc told me I should start him on the sippy. Crazy!!

But whatever...

He likes to put it in his mouth, bite down real hard with his gums, and yank it out. I guess if he likes it...It's till weird to me.

And now, the drama queen.

She's a piece of work man. She totally posed for this picture. She's odd.

OH! I went to spin on Saturday!! I loved it!

My Older Sister couldn't go with me but I was determined so I went to the spin class at the Y for the first time, by myself. That is unheard of for me! I'm so proud of myself. I'm so glad I went. It was amazing!

Okay. That is all.
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