Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wreaths, Pinterest, and Play Time with Baby N

Okay. As promised. Let me tell you about the wreaths I've made.

Oh! But before that. Can I just say how in love with Pinterest I am?? I've been on it for a while now but I never blog anymore so I haven't talked about it. I get so many ideas and inspiration from that site. I love it!!

Now on with the show! My first wreath is my Halloween wreath. I first made the wreath completely orange and I loved it. Then I made an orange and black one for my mom and I loved hers even more. I posted both on Facebook and someone told me my plain orange one looked like a muppet exploded on my door so I added some black.

Here is my Halloween wreath:

My other wreath is my Fall wreath. I am SOOO in love with how it turned out:

And that's it for the wreaths...for now. I'm a bit obsessed lately.

In other news, Little Butt was crazy obnoxious today. I wanted to sell her to the circus for most of the day.

And I think my Little Man (I think that's going to have to be his new name because Baby N doesn't flow) is going to be a mover and a shaker early.

He's 3 months as of yesterday and he's already been rolling from his tummy to his back for about a month now.

Today, we were having some floor play time.

He started getting pretty annoyed and he decided he wanted to try to roll over. He tried the right side.

That didn't quite work out so he tried the left side.

He has completely different techniques for trying to accomplish his goal on each side. It's pretty funny to watch. Anyway. I helped him roll over onto his tummy.

Things were good for a while...then...

He decided he was done.

And there you have it people. The boy is a stinker.

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