Friday, November 11, 2011


I know that I'm supposed to post about Veteran's Day.

Trust me, I'm thankful for everything our Veteran's have given and still continue to give today.

However...I'm going to write about me instead. Because today has been a day.

First off, I think Baby N is going through a growth spurt. He's 3 months now and his sleep schedule is all jacked up like it was when he went through his 6 week growth spurt.

I thought it was the time change at first, but it just keeps getting worse. The first couple days after we set back the clocks, he was waking up at about 6 or 6:30am, which is normal (usually 7 or 7:30am). However, yesterday he woke up at 5am. Way early, but still doable.

Then today happened.

Today he woke up at 4am.

I told him I was not getting up at 4am. There was no way. But when he was screaming at 4:30am I figured I didn't have a choice.

I did go back to bed for about an hour after he finished eating. But I am crazy exhausted.

After we all got ready, it was time to go meet a friend for breakfast. Earlier in the week we had decided we would meet up at Denny's this morning.

I got to doing stuff on the computer and lost track of time. When I realized it was time to go, I packed me and the kids into the car then realized I needed gas. So we rush and fill the tank then jet over to the restaurant. The restaurant was crazy busy so we searched for parking. Unloaded 2 kids, diaper bag, me, locked car, walked into restaurant. I pulled out my phone and was texting my friend to see if she was there yet when she called me. She told me she was pretty sure she was in the right place. I looked up and it dawned on me...I was at IHOP. Grab kids, walk back to the car, load kids back into car, throw diaper bag back in, get me in car, jet to correct restaurant.

For all the trouble, the meal was fantastic!! They have these pumpkin pie pancakes with a pumpkin maple whip on top that are to die for! And the Christmas cookie milk shake is going to be in my dreams tonight.

By then, it was time to rush Little Butt to school then hit up the grocery store. Did that, came home, dropped off groceries, fed the baby. Grab Little Butt from school, get car washed then head to a friend's house.

When we finally made it back home for the evening it was time for Little Butt to start cleaning her room while I hung out with my Older Sister. I had just sat down when I heard Little Butt in her room crying. This was not the normal cry, this was the "I'm really hurt cry." I jump up and meet her in the hallway and she's GUSHING blood from her lip.

She had tripped over a bin and face planted it into her book shelf. I got some paper towels and my sister grabs ice and Little Butt sat crying for a while. She finally calmed down and took some Tylenol. I decided to take her to the hospital just to make sure she didn't need stitches. The doc said we could put one stitch in to reduce scarring but I opted out of that because it would be traumatic and it was not absolutely necessary.

So, now we are home and Little Butt is back to cleaning her room.

Poor Little Butt...
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